Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

The best value in CBD—and the worst taste.

Image of the front of a bottle of Lazarus Naturals High Potency Tincture
Lazarus Naturals makes effective products at incredible price points—the biggest problem with its High Potency CBD Tincture (unflavored) is the foul taste.
Ease of Use9
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Incredible value
Fast shipping
Great communication
Foul, bitter taste
No money-back guarantee
Incomplete lab testing

After a disappointing first experience with CBD, I gave it a second chance with a small 15ml bottle of Lazarus High Potency Wintergreen (isolate)—and it worked.

It was truly my introduction to the benefits of CBD. In my case, it helped me get to the gym more consistently by managing joint inflammation and soreness.

But that 15ml bottle went fast and within two weeks I picked up their High Potency in tropical flavor—it was another hit.

Then we started reading more about the entourage effect and branched out from isolate-based tinctures to full-spectrum.

We quickly became believers.

Following a few stints with other brands, we decided to go back to Lazarus and give their full-spectrum tincture a try.

Purchasing Experience

Previously, we had purchased Lazarus products directly from a retail store. This time, we went straight to the source—the Lazarus Naturals website.

The website isn’t pretty. It looks dated and is missing the polish of many of its competitors.

The shop section of the site is also strangely organized and it took a bit of digging to find the product we were after.

Screenshot of the Lazarus Naturals web store that highlights strange navigation experience


Despite the strange structure of the online store, the checkout process was dead simple and exactly what you would expect from an e-commerce experience—with one exception.

Of the entire process, what we appreciated most was the after-sale communication.

Lazarus Naturals sends a confirmation email, an email verifying they’ve processed your order, and a shipping notification with your tracking number.


The unflavored Lazarus Naturals High Potency retains the full skunky character of the hemp plant and is by far the foulest tasting CBD we’ve tried.

Unlike other unflavored tinctures, the skunkiness is so strong that it completely masks the flavor profiles or any of the terpenes that might be present.

You will find no citrus notes or other pleasant terpene undertones in this product. Instead, you’ll find an aftertaste that is somewhat grassy and bitter.

While the Lazarus Naturals High Potency tincture contains fractured coconut oil and hemp oil, a common blend found in many products, the consistency is thinner than other products we’ve tried.

I’m not sure if it was the flavor or the consistency, but I found myself unintentionally swallowing portions of the tincture while trying to hold it under my tongue for thirty seconds—something I haven’t experienced with other products.

Ease of Use

There no surprises from an ease of use standpoint. The tincture bottle comes with a standard graduated dropper.

It’s easy to measure out by the drop and has clear measurement markers for doses by the milligram.

The dropper is long enough to draw the full 1ml amount, something that isn’t always the case.

Image of a Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD tincture dropper with CBD

Labeling clearly outlines the amount per dropper, a tremendous 50mg per 1ml, and suggests this as the standard serving size.

When it comes to full-spectrum tinctures, my ideal dose tends to be around 30mg and this was no different for the Lazarus High Potency tincture.


Value is where Lazarus Naturals shines.

The company uses ethanol to extract CBD from it hemp, which is a different method than most other companies use.

Ethanol has the advantage of being a less costly form of extraction and we assume that this is how Lazarus Naturals can achieve such a low price point.

When compared to similar products, Lazarus Naturals High Potency achieves an astoundingly thrifty $0.04 per milligram and is by far the best value we’ve found.

Price/mg comparison
Lazarus Naturals High Potency Tincture 3000mg (full spectrum) $0.04/mg
cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture Drops 3000mg (broad spectrum) $0.05/mg
CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture $0.05/mg
Elixinol CBD Tincture Hemp Oil Drops 3600mg $0.07/mg
Receptra Health and Wellness 3000mg (full spectrum) $0.07/mg
Joy Organics CBD Oil Tinctures 1500mg (full spectrum) $0.09/mg

The downside of ethanol extraction is how it affects taste. This method co-extracts chlorophyll—which is probably responsible for the grassy, bitter taste we noticed.


Beyond taste, if there is one area we’d like to see Lazarus Naturals improve it’s in the level of reporting they provide.

Product information is detailed in simple language—amounts are listed to the drop, ingredients are front and center, and lab tests are easy to find and up to date.

Unfortunately, the company only lab tests for:

  • Purity
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides

It doesn’t appear that the company is testing for residual solvents or microbiologic agents like e.coli.

The other aspect where Lazarus Naturals lags behind other brands is the lack of a money-back guarantee—something that cbdMD, its closest competitor on price, does offer.


If you look beyond the dated website and product design what you’ll find is a company of substance.

There are a lot of things to like about the Lazarus Naturals High Potency full-spectrum CBD tincture, including:

  • It’s incredible value at just $0.04/mg
  • Fantastic post-order communication
  • Fast shipping (with tracking number)

As a company, Lazarus Naturals also offers an assistance program that provides a 60% discount if you’re a veteran, on long-term disability, or live at or below the poverty line.

The biggest cons are the taste, incomplete lab testing, and lack of a money-back guarantee.

Regarding taste, while I actually don’t mind an earthy, skunky taste, this is just way too much.

Our take: The best value in CBD—and the worst taste.