Green Roads CBD Coupons & Review 2021

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Military discount
Extensive range/selection
Formulated by licensed pharmacists
Free shipping on orders over $50
30-day return policy
Award winning industry leaders
Third-party lab reports
Committed to customer satisfaction
Responsive support
A little more expensive than competitors
Only operate within North America

Key Specs

Potency range:

100 – 3500 mg

Price range:

$27 – $420

Medical benefits:

Currently not tested by FDA.

Green Roads CBD Overview

Green Roads CBD are a Florida based company; offering a huge range of oils, edibles, topicals and more. All of these products also undergo third-party lab testing to ensure both potency & purity. Feel free to view their published lab reports here.

Their team state that their mission is to improve mental & physical wellbeing of their customers, in turn offering top quality, pharmacist-formulated products; even winning an array of awards for their contributions.

Whilst a little more expensive than some, its clear that their range is of top quality. Furthermore, none of their products have ever been tested on animals, giving that extra peace of mind. So without further delay, lets begin our Green Roads CBD review for 2021.

Recommended use:

For tinctures:
Depending on potency, between 3-6 drops under the tongue. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

For gummies:
Each contain 25 mg, so between 3-6 gummies depending on tolerance.

Extraction process:


Green Roads CBD coupons review 2021

Green Roads CBD Review 2021

To begin our Green Roads CBD review for 2021, we started by looking through their website to understand more about their team. With the use of cannabidiol more popular than ever, the US market continues to expand; bringing with it a number of top-tier hemp manufacturers & cannabidiol producers.

Quickly establishing itself as a keen competitor, Green Roads have pushed forward as a key figure in the hemp market. In fact, although starting as a humble Florida family business, they’ve quickly expanded to over 8,000 store locations within the US.

We believe their meteoric rise to success is due to their top quality products, customer care & quality control/assurance. Labelled as one of the top brands within the US, their team utilise licensed pharmacists and CO2 extraction methods for the best possible quality.

Thankfully, the entire range remains available online, shipping throughout the US. Due to hemp’s status as a legal crop, industrial hemp farming has taken root throughout the States. Knowledge seekers and researchers alike may have noticed this soaring popularity of this brand; often included on most “top 10” cannabidiol company lists.

We believe this speaks volumes for their products and quality control, helping guarantee an air of authenticity and trust. Alongside this, they utilise top quality extraction processes and a number of licensed pharmacists; of which all products are formulated & compounded by. In fairness, we’ve yet to review any other cannabidiol company with their own team of pharmacists.

Green Roads CBD Oil

As you may expect, CBD oil is the predominant product of Green Roads’ range. For those unfamiliar, these oils/tinctures are oral drops designed as a fast & effortless way to consume cannabidiol. These tinctures were what put Green Roads on the map, gaining a huge amount of attention and in turn, traction for their team. With their foot firmly in the door, this company have become nearly world famous for their terrific tinctures.

With an array of potencies and strengths to choose from, users will have no problem finding the perfect concoction from their range. Choose from mild, moderate & “mighty” potencies, with the same consumption technique for all; simply use the dropper to place however many drops of oil under your tongue, wait 60 seconds and then swallow. The cannabidiol is then absorbed into your body & bloodstream, with its intended affects taking place within 5-15 minutes. Discover their whole range of oils here, or continue reading for our review of their CBD gummies!

Green Roads CBD oil review 2021

Review of Green Roads CBD Edibles

Our team were most pleased to sample the edible section for our Green Roads review; of which this brand boasts one of the most extensive ranges available. Whilst in recent times a few other brands & vendors have caught up, their team retains a broad selection of delicious treats. Typically, many ranges stick to traditional gummies/chocolates with very few potency choices; not Green Roads, however.

Whether you’re simply seeking a single 25 mg gummy or 300 mg multipack, their remarkable edible range is sure to suit you. On the topic of chocolate, we were pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the cocoa used; alongside the baking process. All in all, an extremely tasty & relaxing range of edibles. Learn about their topical items in the rest of our 2021 Green Roads CBD review below.

best cbd edibles

Review of Green Roads CBD Topicals

Switching up our review of the Green Roads CBD topical range; with the medical market successfully revitalised, we’re seeing CBD-infused topical lotions & creams coming leaps and bounds. In the past few years, they’ve massively improved upon reliability, effectiveness, safety & other such testing, all resulting in a product more popular than ever.

Even a few professional athletes have begun utilising them during their training and recovery. Alongside this, a number of professional MMA fighters & elite athletes have endorsed these products.

Typically, these endorsements come in the form of a specific brand, hopefully uninfluenced by a juicy “donation”. Whatever their motives, its clear that these topical creams do offer some support.

Much like all of their products, Green Roads’ CBD’s range is of near unbeatable quality & offering some of the best on the market. Discover their range of CBD topicals here, or continue reading our Green Roads review for more information on their capsules & soft gel range.

best cbd topical relief cream

Review of Green Roads CBD Coffee/Tea

Those seeking something else need not worry, this brand boasts an extensive range, all of which contain that same world class pharmacist formulation & CO2 extraction. One range we loved was their CBD coffee / tea selection, resulting in the perfect start to any day; with the team citing it as a “delicious way to upgrade your daily routine”. Utilising coffee beans from Colombia, users can choose from original, hazelnut or vanilla flavours, all infused with hemp flower.

Whilst medium roast is the only only strength available, we believe this more than enough. Each sip rewards you with a rich and tantalising taste to start your day right. Discover their full range of CBD Coffee, or continue reading for some of the biggest Green Roads coupons, deals & promo codes for 2021.

hemp coffee review

Where can I buy Green Roads CBD products?

Click now & view Green Roads CBD range with your own eyes. Peruse their selection of soft gels, edibles, topicals, tinctures & much more for yourself. They even stock a CBD for pets range, for those who have restless animals or medical conditions.

Everything stocked is of top quality, formulated by licensed pharmacists and has never been tested on animals. It’s no surprise that the world has Green Roads fever when every product is of near perfection.

Customers within the US can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $50, with new and unopened products eligible for a return policy of up to 30-days. Lastly, continue reading for some of the biggest Green Roads coupons, discount & promo codes for 2021 for up to 20% off your order.


Although we’re acutely aware of how cliché this sounds, Green Roads CBD is leagues above the rest; taking its pedestal firmly as one of the best brands out there. We heavily recommend sampling some of their tinctures to both first timers & seasoned users alike.

Our mind was blown at the overall stellar quality yet highly affordable and fairly priced products, with each containing less than 0.03% THC content. All in all, truly a top tier brand that we hope to see more of in the future.

Keep reading for restrictions & availability, alongside our coupon section below for up to 20% off. As always, thanks for reading our Green Roads CBD review for 2021, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries!

Restrictions and availability

Currently, Green Roads ship only within US/North America; with customers in this region eligible for free shipping on all orders over $50. However, we still recommend users double check the local laws for their region, as cannabidiol remains illegal in some areas. Customers can also enjoy a full 30-day refund policy for any product, provided they remain unused.

Discover the rest of our CBD reviews and learn more about a number of brilliant brands. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the biggest Green Roads CBD coupons & promo codes for 2021.

green roads cbd oil review 2021

Green Roads CBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Moving 2021 Green Roads CBD review onto coupons & promo codes. Every coupon in our list aims to maximise value for money & help secure savings for our readers. Enjoy discounts of up to 10% off using these exclusive coupon codes below; or check out our Black Friday section for even more discounts & savings. We always attempt to keep this section updated & current, however some may eventually expire. Found a deal we may have missed? Leave us a comment and we’ll verify it!

5% off

Enjoy 5% off your purchase using this coupon code at checkout.
5% off

10% off

Enjoy 10% off your purchase using this coupon code at checkout.
10% off

Green Roads CBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

With so many quality products to pick from, some money-minded readers will likely hope for some additional discounts. If 10% off isn’t enough, last Black Friday we saw up to 30% off, extending to Cyber Monday. Alongside this, we also saw a number of other Green Roads Black Friday deals, such as up to 35% & even 50% off.

Therefore, we believe it very likely that this brand involves themselves once more, come Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021. Please check back here closer to the date for an updated list of Black Friday deals, discounts & promo codes. As always, thanks for reading our Green Roads review for 2021; we hope we answered all of your questions surrounding this brand.