Raw Botanics Review 2021

Key Specs

Potency range:

100 – 2500 mg

Price range:

$40.00–$288.50 (pricing includes bundle and gift pack options)

Medical benefits:

Whilst many users report therapeutic effects from CBD, such as sleep/stress relief, these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

Raw Botanics Co. Overview

The Raw Botanics Co. (Raw Botanics) splits its products into four categories—“Rise,” “Relax,” “Rest,” and “Restore”—with the aim of combining CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN to help customers “relax, recover & rebalance.”

The San Diego-based company is looking to disrupt an industry that they feel is being exploited with a “gold rush” of THC and CBD products tumbling onto the market. Founded by two friends, serial entrepreneurs Les Kollegian and Brendan Smith.

These two founders are cancer and PTSD survivors, respectively. Their vision for Raw Botanics is a company that uses custom terpenes, exotic (minor) cannabinoids, and plant/mushroom adaptogens to help people feel good and perform at their best.

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Raw Botanics’ product chemists use CO2 to extract hemp oil as it yields safer, cleaner, and purer products. They grow and extract their industrial hemp in accordance with guidelines from the Department of Agriculture, and they do not add any artificial flavours or sugars to their products.

All products on their site are third-party lab-tested with results publicly available to consumers; ensuring consistency, quality and transparency in each batch. Learn more about this company in the rest of our Raw Botanics CBD review for 2021 below. Alternatively, jump straight to our coupons section to grab a great deal.

Recommended use:

Place one full dropper under the tongue, wait 60–90 seconds, swallow. Take once or twice daily, depending on requirements.


Exotic hemp-derived cannabinoids extracts, custom terpenes, functional mushrooms, and adaptogens.

Extraction process:


Raw Botanics Review 2021

Throughout our review of this company, we were fairly impressed. One of the first impressions that Raw Botanics is likely to convey to customers is the clean layout of its site. The black and white palette imparts the feeling of perusing an upscale store, with all the information stated clearly for the customer—name, price, review, rating.

The Rise-Relax-Rest-Restore product classifications also make it easy to find what you want because you know upfront how those products will benefit you. An unexpected complement to the marketing side of this operation is that these guys know their science, too.

They have an FAQ section and a blog commenting on industry trends; including everything from plant genetics to cannabichromene oil to how their nano-emulsification process delivers targeted results.

Raw Botanics takes an all-natural approach to their products, but they also validate those products with rigorous testing, offering a wide selection of oils, tinctures, softgels, and topicals—all available in medical-grade CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

What I liked the most, however, is the “Learn” section of the website. Raw Botanics provides detailed information to help customers understand the benefits of terpenes, cannabinoids, and adaptogens. They also included fantastic images to complement the content, and I have no doubt that even if you never heard of these health-based products, you’ll leave very well informed.

Continue reading our 2021 Raw Botanics CBD review for more information, or look through their complete range now.

Rise, Relax, Rest & Restore Review

Raw Botanics Rise

Raw botanics CBD morning

At first, the effect is faint and even slow to discern, but one drop of Raw Botanics’ “Rise” under the tongue seemed to provide a boost of both focus and energy throughout the day.

The Rise line is the company’s only full-spectrum product, coming in both softgel and tincture options and ranging from 500–750 mg; priced between $55–$75. This blend of terpenes and adaptogens is also available in a citrus flavour.

Raw Botanics Relax

Raw botanics CBD review 2021

Our experience with Raw Botanics’ “Relax” products is that they do just that—relieve stress and help you unwind, yet also maintain your mental clarity.

Right now, Relax comes in both softgels and tinctures, as well as pillow and mask mists. They range from about 100–1000 mg, costing anywhere between $40–$103. Relax products are a good example of how Raw Botanics adheres to the highest quality and purity standards.

Raw Botanics Rest

If “Rise” was Raw Botanics’ pick-me-up product, “Rest” is certainly a sleep-aid for your nighttime ritual. Blending terpenes and adaptogens into sedative tinctures and softgels, Raw Botanics infuses Rest with CBN to help you achieve deeper sleep.

night time cbd for sleep

I found that each of the Rest products worked nicely, easing me to sleep and waking up refreshed. The softgels are marked as extra strength, and I felt that (as advertised) they had a considerably more sedative effect.

The tincture seemed to work faster than the softgel, however, and it had a more noticeable effect on my joint pain the following day—which makes sense, given that the softgels only contain CBN and not CBD, whereas the tincture has both CBN and CBD. The products usually range from $97–$145. Raw Botanics batch tests all of its products—including Rest—not just once, but twice.

Raw Botanics Restore

“Restore” is their last major product category, seeming to provide the catchall benefits that can help you feel revitalized in any situation—bouncing back from a hangover, fortifying your immunity, or speeding along with your recovery.

This is the company’s most potent product, as well as the one loaded with the most adaptogens. I tested “Restore” after a night at the pub, with the remedy it provided for my hangover living up to the company’s claim.

With that said, at $110, the tincture is also the most expensive product they offer. Use “Restore” as an immunity booster and a workout supplement—because it’s a bit expensive if you use it solely as a solution for hangovers.

Restore is a mix of CBD, CBG adaptogens, vitamins and several functional mushrooms. Like all of Raw Botanics’ inventory, it’s non-GMO with no pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, or mycotoxins.

The Raw Botanics team offers six “Restore” products—tinctures, softgels, and topicals, from 300–2,500 mg. and priced between $60–$110.

Raw Botanics Topicals

Raw Botanics has three topicals that fall under the Restore product line: “Raw Advantage” body lotion (Raw Botanics’ flagship lotion product, intended for relaxation), “Raw Recovery” cream (for general pain), and “Raw Recovery” roll-on (which is used for more acute pain and as a targeted treatment).

Raw Botanics topical range review 2021

I tested the Raw Advantage and found that it does indeed offer some great advantages: A muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, Raw Advantage contains glycerin, aloe vera, almond oil, Vitamins A, D, and E—and it’s sourced from premium, organically grown Kentucky hemp.

This lotion went on smooth, absorbed well and had an amazing scent of lemongrass and ginger, reminiscent of the aroma of a high-end spa or luxury hotel. I also noticed the anti-itch and moisturizing effects immediately.

Although it didn’t bring instant relief to pain, I’d venture to guess that it would be beneficial with repeated use, which is the case with most CBD topicals. View the full topical range now, or continue reading our Raw Botanics review for more info.

Roll-on Range

Each bottle has about 300 mg. of CBD, and the lotion itself has been nano-amplified to increase bioavailability and provide quicker onset action. Learn more about bioavailability and other common terms in our complete CBD glossary. Like all of Raw Botanics’ products, the topicals are also custom formulations.


Raw Botanics Softgels

The Raw Botanics softgels are available in four distinct Rise-Relax-Rest-Restore products. They all come in 30 servings of broad-spectrum hemp extract with no sugar, additives, or preservatives. They are both gluten/cruelty-free, alongside keto/paleo-friendly and ethically sourced.


However, they differ in the amount of CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBG in each bottle, as each ingredient formula has a different effect on its users; whether as a sedative, energy boost, focus enhancer, or all-purpose restorative relaxant.

Each bottle contains thirty 25 mg. capsules (for a total of 750 mg. per bottle), priced at $75–$103. Even more impressive is that so far, all the reviews have been five stars.

Bundle Packs 

The Raw Botanics Co. offers all of their products in bundles or gift packs that save their customers money. At the time of this review, they were showing 20% off for all bundles—and those could be combined with other discounts.

We love how they offered bundles, but it would be nice if they had more combinations. For instance, they don’t currently offer an AM / PM bundle of “Rise” and “Rest”, their two most popular products. View their range of bundle packs here.

Where can I buy Raw Botanics products?

Customers interested in Raw Botanics can scope out their website, which has been designed with a marketing expert’s understanding of user experience; making the navigating and checkout experiences intuitive and seamless. We recommend buying from here directly to best benefit from their policies, instead of third-party vendors.

Remember our note about Raw Botanics’ penchant for salesmanship and science? The site is split into two journeys—“Shop” and “Learn,” inviting consumers to purchase their products, but also to educate themselves on how to use cannabinoids to elevate their health and wellness.

For users who are ready to shop, you can browse the four main categories. Alternatively, users can also filter products according to the benefits you’re looking for. This range from sleep, focus, energy, muscle recovery and relief to immunity and healing.

We definitely recommend clicking through their digital catalogue, especially because of the ongoing sales options. Their free shipping minimum spend requirement is a fairly average $100; although they maintain a generous 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, for those unhappy with their purchase.


The Raw Botanics Co. brings a fresh presence and perspective to the world of CBD. Their respect for natural ingredients as well as their interest in the scientific granularity of, say, terpenes or adaptogens comprises multifaceted expertise in a market that’s often divided between style in one camp and substance in another.

With that said, it doesn’t hurt that their style is exceptionally alluring—or that Raw Botanics is the type of outfit that prizes empathy as its superpower. Whilst we would like to see a veteran’s or low-income discount in the future, we really appreciate their charitable works.

The only drawback is that this company is so new—they just launched this year—that their selection, while quite sophisticated, is somewhat limited. Still, we get the distinct sense that they’re just revving up.

They’re offering international shipping starting 2022, maintaining status as a cosmopolitan brand; placing high value keeping their customers safe and informed. Judging from their reviews, they’ve won the respect of their clientele and certainly our admiration.

Far from a raw deal, you’re going to get an outstanding experience with these guys.

Restrictions and availability

Check the local laws for your region to ensure these products remain legal in your area. Currently, this company ships across the US, where hemp extract and CBD oil remain legal to purchase as a food supplement. Although not shipping internationally, they plan to offer international shipping by 2022.

Feel free to check out the rest of our CBD reviews for further information on these brands and how they can help you. Browse our articles on how CBD aids ailments—or continue reading for some of the biggest Raw Botanics coupons and promo codes of 2021.

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