Palm Organix CBD Coupons & Review 2021

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Free shipping
Family run brand
Organic, USA grown hemp
Website is easy to navigate
Responsive customer support
Generous refund & return policy
Published third-party lab results
Subscription discount also available
Slightly sparse range
Only operate within the US
A little more expensive than some competitors

Key Specs

Potency range:

10 – 1500mg

Price range:

$27.95 -$279.50

Medical benefits:

Although many users report therapeutic affects from CBD, including better sleep & pain/stress relief, these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

Palm Organix CBD Overview

Introducing Palm Organix CBD to our list of coupons/reviews for 2021. Although a fairly new company & only founding three years ago in 2018, this family-owned brand has already made an impact in the market; quickly adapting and now operating on par with most major stores.

As stated on their website, their team remains “committed to their customers and community” & hope to educate, assist and support every single client. Furthermore, the founders reaffirm their commitment to “providing the highest quality CBD products at affordable prices”, giving a clear indicator that this is a trustworthy brand that actually cares for their customers.

Lastly, they promise that all of their CBD options are completely THC free & contain no metals, pesticides, harsh chemicals, GMO’s and more. As such, it’s no surprise that this brand have quickly taken the world by storm with their great quality products & extensive categories.

Learn more about this brand in the rest of our 2021 Palm Organix CBD review; or click now to grab a great deal from our coupons section below.

Recommended use:

Follow labelled instructions. For tinctures, between 3-6 drops under the tongue, depending on potency. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. We always recommend new users lightly dose to best discover their tolerance.

Extraction process:-


Palm Organix CBD coupons review 2021

Palm Organix CBD Review 2021

To begin our 2021 Palm Organix review, we’d like to recount the overall outstanding quality control demonstrated from this brand; with their plants containing no metals, pesticides, THC, gluten, GMO products or chemicals. Alongside this, a decent level of transparency is maintained, with published third-party lab reports available to the public.

Whilst this has become fairly standard amongst the industry, it’s always a good indicator of a trustworthy & legitimate company. In fact, their team place such confidence in their products, their promise states that “you’re purchasing the best quality CBD available in the world” when you shop at Palm Organix.

All of their products are made in the USA, with free shipping on all domestic orders placed before 12:00pm EST. Furthermore, all of their hemp oil is sourced from Colorado, grown organically and processed in a GMP certified facility. Whilst some of their ranges could do with a little more selection, we’re honestly impressed with how quickly this company has managed to take their place as a key distributor & renowned CBD brand.

In fact, this brand joins both Nanocraft CBD & R+R Medicinals as one of the few companies to utilise nano-emulsion technology, ensuring far greater bioavailability. Continue reading our Palm Organix CBD review for 2021 & learn more about both this brand and their products; starting with their tinctures.

Palm Organix Black Friday cyber monday coupons 2021

Palm Organix CBD Oil

Moving on to our review of the Palm Organix CBD tincture range which, whilst a little sparse, contains only top quality CBD & ingredients. This method of medication offers a highly portable, clean and consistent cannabidiol solution.

These two tinctures options also come available in a bundle, allowing users to buy in bulk for a discount. At the time of writing, Palm Organix have further discounted these bundles by 15%, adding even greater value to your purchase.

CBD tinctures are known to provide benefits to both the body and mind. Whilst these products generally remain unapproved by the FDA, many users report therapeutic affects for both physical and mental health.

For example, such tinctures reportedly support muscle & joint function, relax your mood and even ease symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Much like all of their products, these CBD tinctures have been analysed by a third party, with lab reports available to the public.

This level of transparency is always a good indicator of the overall quality of a brand’s tinctures. Whilst we believe a little more selection is always nice, their current range still gets the job done. Take your pick from orange or mint flavoured cannabidiol, with a variety of sizing options to choose from. Discover their whole CBD tincture range now, or continue reading for our review of Palm Organix CBD gummies.

Palm Organix CBD oil review

Palm Organix CBD Gummies

Moving our Palm Organix 2021 review onto their excellent range of gummies. What we really loved about these gummies is the complete freedom from artificial colours, flavourings and sweeteners; unlike many other competing products. Much like tinctures, gummies are a great way to ensure a highly portable & consistent method of medicating and redosing, however remain much tastier than tinctures.

Utilising broad-spectrum CBD, each gummy contains a multitude of compounds and cannabinoids; all working together to produce the ‘entourage effect’. Much like the majority of their other products, Palm Organix CBD gummies remain completely THC free, with third-party lab reports publicly published. View their CBD gummies range yourself now, or learn more about their creams & capsules in the rest of our Palm Organix review for 2021.

palm organix cbd gummies coupons review 2021

Review of Palm Organix CBD Capsules

Moving on to our Palm Organix CBD capsules review; which like most of their products, use Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Hemp, considered up to twice as strong & pure as other strains. This brilliant blend of CBD is a fast, efficient and clean way of dosing & redosing throughout the day.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules, offering a consistent measurement with currently 4 variants to choose from, at the time of writing. These variants come with a selection of infusions, such as melatonin infused CBD for aiding sleep or their immunity boosting softgels.

Although a little expensive than other categories, predominantly due to no size options, we still feel these high-quality THC free softgels are decent value for money. See their range of soft gel capsules here, or continue reading our Palm Organix 2021 review for information on their topical creams.

Review of Palm Organix CBD Topicals

Switching our 2021 Palm Organix review onto their refreshing range of topicals, offering some great variation. Topicals are one of the best ways to provide localised care to a region, often acting much faster than conventional methods.

Such solutions aid in muscle tension, stiffness, pain and more. Topicals typically offer a highly discreet & portable method of ingesting CBD, however can prove a little expensive. However, we believe once more that the overall quality of these products makes the price worth it.

Again, all topicals are made from PCR hemp & completely THC free; often infused with other beneficial compounds such as camphor, essential oils and more. Whilst remaining unevaluated by the FDA, their 10mg face masks are “pharmaceutical grade” & aids in rehydrating/rejuvenating your skin.

Whilst each type of topicals suits their own niche, they still boast great versatility. Click now & browse their range of CBD topicals, or continue reading our 2021 Palm Organix review for our conclusion & coupon section.

best cbd topical range

Where can I buy Palm Organix CBD products?

We recommend readers purchase from the official Palm Organix website directly, ensuring you secure only the real deal. Alongside this, official purchases before 12:00pm EST will receive free shipping.

However, those located outside of the US will have to use a reseller, as international shipping remains unavailable. Click the banner below & discover Palm Organix CBD’s full range now, or continue reading for our conclusion & coupons section.


To conclude our 2021 Palm Organix review, we feel that although still new to the game, this brand have met & exceeded our expectations. Although a little more selection for tinctures & some other categories is always nice, all of their products are of stellar quality. Alongside this, some products are a little more expensive than competitors, however we believe this may be offset by free shipping & overall quality; provided you purchase from them directly.

Their team maintains a high level of transparency and support, with publicly published third-party lab reports and an extremely responsive help team. Whatever your need or ailment, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your needs; or just learn a thing or two, thanks to their descriptive FAQs & listings. From tinctures and CBD for pets to topicals and more, their team have you covered. Read the rest of our Palm Organix review for our coupons section & save up to 20% off your order!

Restrictions and availability

Alongside using American-grown hemp, they also offer free domestic shipping within the US for orders placed before 12pm EST; one of the few companies to waive the minimum spend requirement.

This brand also offers up to 30-days refund policy for all products, insisting on a “NO RISK 100% satisfaction guarantee”. This is quite a rare sight, as many competitors require products unopened and undamaged for refunds.

However with this policy, those left unsatisfied with their purchase can return it within 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping costs. Whilst free domestic shipping is great, some international options would always be nice, as we’re sure they have many overseas fans dying to get a drop of their tinctures. Although, we still recommend ensuring your local laws and regulations allow for cannabidiol products in your region.

Palm Organix CBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Welcome to the coupon & promo code section of our 2021 Palm Organix CBD review. Listing some of the best Palm Organix coupons, promo codes & discounts for 2021, we hope to extend great deals and savings on to our readers.

Whilst we update this section whenever we can, please note that some coupons may expire. If you find a deal we may have missed or an expired deal yet to be removed, leave us a comment and get in touch. In the mean time, check out these Palm Organix CBD coupons below for up to 20% off, or continue reading for our Black Friday section!

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Palm Organix CBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Whilst we found no official statement regarding Palm Organix Black Friday involvement last year, we did find a number of expired coupons; ranging from 20% to even in excess of 50%! Such ridiculous discounts give us hope, provided the sites we saw them on weren’t just trying to pique our interest.

However, our team will be adding any deals that do come up during Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021. We even found evidence of Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, so make sure to check back here closer to the date & stay updated. If you have a question, think you’ve found a deal we’ve missed or have spotted an expired deal in this section, please leave us a comment!

As always, thank you for reading our Palm Organix CBD review for 2021. Discover more brilliant brands in the rest of our CBD reviews, or educate yourself on how CBD aids ailments.