JustCBD Coupons & Review 2021

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Superb selection
Great quality products
Operates in both the US & Europe
Cheaper than many competitors
Extensive range with great variety
Terrific tasting tinctures & other products
100% organic, GMO free industrial hemp
Very fair £ / $ 20 minimum spend free shipping requirement
Published lab reports available to the public
One of the best gummy ranges
No unique/flagship products
Some ranges are a little sparse
Large selection could overwhelm some users/impact navigation

Key Specs

Potency range:

50 – 5000 mg

Price range:

$4 – $144.99

Medical benefits:

Whilst many users report therapeutic affects from CBD, such as sleep/stress relief, these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

JustCBD Overview

Welcoming JustCBD to our latest list of reviews, a relatively fresh-faced company founded in 2017. However, in just 4 years within the market, this brand have ballooned into one of the top CBD brands. Their team maintain a high level of transparency, stating that “we believe you have the right to know what is inside your CBD products”. As such, it’s safe to assume this brand also publishes third-party lab reports to the public; with their team further stating their mission to never misrepresent the content of their products.

We’re honestly impressed with both their commitment to quality/transparency, alongside their superb selection and expansion within just 4 years of operation. Definitely an exciting brand offering great products and growing fast, surely one to keep your eye on. Learn more about this brand & their range in the rest of our JustCBD review for 2021, or click now to grab a great deal from our coupons section below.

Recommended use:

Follow labelled instructions. For tinctures, between 3-6 drops under the tongue, depending on potency. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. We always recommend new users lightly dose to best discover their tolerance.

Extraction process:-


justcbd coupons review 2021

JustCBD Review 2021

With the overview out of the way, lets begin the bulk of our JustCBD review for 2021. Although new to the game, they’ve burst onto the scene in a major way, offering a remarkable range at fair prices. Alongside this, these tinctures, topicals, etc. are all utilising top quality CBD, with third-party lab reports publicly published.

Although starting out as a US-based company, this brand have quickly expanded into an international operation, shipping seemingly worldwide; we even found evidence of a European store with a UK based head office.

That’s partially in thanks to their transparency & top quality products from utilising only 100% US grown industrial hemp. Their comprehensive range also offers an incredible selection and freedom of choice.

These categories range from gummies, capsules, vapes, tinctures and bath bombs to isolate, topicals, coconut oil and much more. They also offer alternative vegan options for a few of their products. We’ve seen many reviews from repeat customers who clearly can’t get enough of this company.

However, first-time buyers can also enjoy quite a few promotions; including coupon codes for $25 off your first $75 spent, for a total discount of 33%. Furthermore, their customer support is extremely responsive, often replying to questions and queries within the hour.

Very few CBD companies are able to do what JustCBD have done in just such a short space of time & we eagerly look forward to the future. See their website for yourself now, or continue reading our JustCBD review to learn about their oils!

JustCBD Oil Review

Switching sections to our review of JustCBD oil. Offering both broad & full-spectrum tincture ranges with a variety of flavours, we’re sure you’ll find something to your taste. Whilst a few more options is always nice, there is a huge amount of choice relating to size options; ranging from 50 to 5000mg, one of the biggest tincture size options we’ve ever seen.

Typically, most brands only offer between 200-2500mg, rarely do we see 3000 mg or above. Their team cite their CBD coconut oil tincture as one of the fastest acting products on the market, alongside undergoing third-party lab reports & remaining 100% organic.

We certainly did find this tincture fast acting, taking affect sooner than average after just under half an hour. JustCBD assure us that all of their CBD contains to chemicals whatsoever and utilise industrial grade US hemp.

JustCBD oil tincture review 2021

In terms of cost, we feel the pricing is fair when considering the quality. Alongside this, they often offer a number of flash sales, coupons and deals throughout the year. Whilst their coconut tincture certainly is tasty, we can’t help but hope for more flavours in the future, as natural & coconut simply isn’t enough.

However, users still have a huge host of other categories to choose from, including gummies, vape juice, honey sticks and more. View the full Just CBD tincture range here, or keep reading our 2021 JustCBD review & discover their delicious gummies!

JustCBD Gummies

In recent years CBD gummies have fast become a great way for a tasty dose up, whilst also providing a highly portable and discreet method of ingesting. With extraction technology coming leaps and bounds, gummies are now one of the most popular choices. Whilst stocking their regular gummy range, JustCBD also offer both vegan & sugar free selections.

We felt like we simply had to try these sweets and honestly, they’re some of the tastiest we’ve tested to date. A great selection at fair prices, customers can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours; from clear/sour bears and clear/sour worms, to apple, peach, blueberry rings and much more.

JustCBD gummies coupons review 2021

Compared to other companies, we feel this brand take gold regarding gummies, offering far more flavours than many competitors. Furthermore, the 250 – 3000 mg size options are another awesome addition perfectly suiting all manner of needs.

Whether you require their multi-gummy 3000mg party pack or just a little top up, this range has you covered; with dosages ranging between 8-44 mg cannabidiol content per gummy. Just like all of their products, these CBD gummies contain only trace amounts of THC (<0.03%), alongside remaining fully GMP certified. We certainly recommend trying out some of their CBD gummies range for yourself, or continue reading our 2021 JustCBD review for our verdict on their capsules.

Review of JustCBD Capsules

Ever since their conception, CBD capsules have offered a fast, effective, discreet and highly portable method of medication. JustCBD currently offer four variants of their capsules, each offering additional benefits relating to your needs.

Guarantee a great night’s sleep with their Night-time formula, keep healthy with their multivitamin formula, start your day right with their energy formula or ease the pain with their discomfort formula.

best cannabidiol capsules

Much like all of their products, these capsules utilise fully organic hemp grown in the US. Truly a great alternative to oil droppers, topicals or smokables, getting to work near immediately and maintaining a consistent dose every capsule. At the time of writing, all of these capsules are priced at $59.99, with each bottle containing 30 caps with 25mg CBD content each.

Such a tailored range left us feeling fairly refreshed, considering many brands offer bland and boring capsule options. Check out their range of CBD capsules now, or continue reading our 2021 JustCBD review for our verdict on their topical range!

Review of Just CBD Pain Cream / Topicals

This section is typically reserved for a range of topicals, with it appearing that this brand predominantly offer pain cream for localised care. Alongside this, they also stock “Ultra Relief” gel, 2 sizes of roll on, massage oil, relief/heat relief cream and body lotion. In fairness, this range of CBD topicals is pretty extensive, offering more variation than a number of competing brands.

Topicals have come leaps and bounds recently, with technological innovation allowing for even more methods of medicating. These creams, lotions and gels offer local care to specific regions depending on user needs; alongside dispelling much of any discomfort users may suffer from.

cannabidiol topicals

This works wonders for pulled muscles, sprained joints and other general wear and tear for the aging not-so-adolescent-anymore. They also offer great skin care & moisturising properties, perfect for treating dry or irritated skin.

Whatever your needs, find something from their complete CBD cream range here,  or continue reading our JustCBD review for 2021; following up with more about their bath bombs and hemp soap.

Review of CBD Bath Bombs / Hemp Soap

Bringing our Just CBD review onto their bath bombs, hemp soap and other self-care routines. Utilising hemp oil known for its efficacy on the skin, their hemp soap offers a brilliantly bespoke and gentle soap for showering or bathing. It’s important to note that hemp soap is free from any additional cannabidiol extract and is not CBD soap.

This hemp soap contains (all organic) coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, palm oil, etc. Alongside this, these hemp soaps come available in 12 different scents/variants; winter forest, punch buggy, pomegranate, cherry pie, flower power, citrus and Woodstock are just to name a few. In fairness, hemp soap is more than just a fad, hemp oil is known to offer great benefit to the skin.

just cbd bath bomb

Their CBD bath bombs are also another interesting addition. The inclusion of Epsom salts is another great benefit to the user, containing magnesium (known for its role in muscle relaxation). The addition of witch hazel also aids against inflammation, further aiding in your quest for rest & relaxation.

Containing 150mg of cannabidiol oil per bath bomb, these awesome alternatives offer plenty of boost to your physical and emotional wellbeing; truly a great way to both start and end the day. View their range of CBD bath bombs now & take your pick from several scents and colours, including rose, lavender, citrus, cherry and more.

Where can I buy JustCBD products?

Following suit with the vast majority of brands, customers can purchase directly from the JustCBD website; which we actively encourage to best benefit from their return/warranty policies. Furthermore, they also operate in both the United States and the UK/EU, with separate websites respectively. Browse their full range now, or click the banner below.

Alongside this, they offer free shipping for both regions, provided orders total £20/$20 or over. We feel this spending requirement is fairly generous, especially considering many competitors require in excess of $75+ to qualify. Those requesting a refund can do so, provided they return the product unused within 30 days, in the same condition as received.

Just CBD Coupons promo black friday 2021


Bringing our 2021 JustCBD review to its conclusion, we truly believe this brand has fast become a key player in the industry. Their extensive range spans far and wide, offering superb selection and a huge variation of flavours, fragrances, sizes and more. Alongside this, they operate in both the EU, UK & US, with separate websites to order from.

Almost all of the products offered are of great quality; all utilising 100% organic GMO free, industrial US hemp with published third-party lab reports available to the public. This showcases their commitment to both transparency and quality control.

These ranges often also contain sugar-free/vegan variations, etc. for those who require it. One thing especially unique about this brand are their size selections, with some ranging up to 5000 mg. We very rarely see brands offer such bulk options, so that’s another positive for JustCBD.

Another benefit is their very fair prices, averaging over approx. 10% cheaper than most competitors offering the same quality. Read the rest of our review for more information regarding restrictions & availability, alongside some of the best JustCBD coupons and promo codes of 2021!

Restrictions and availability

Customers worldwide will enjoy this brand, thanks to their continued operations in both North America & Europe. They also offer a very fair minimum spend of £/$20 respectively to qualify for free shipping; much lower than most competitors, often charging in excess of $75+.

However, they maintain a fairly standard return policy of 30-days, extending to unopened & unused products only. Whilst this company operates worldwide, we still recommend learning your local laws and regulations surrounding CBD usage, as it remains illegal in some areas.

JustCBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Our selection of JustCBD coupons/promo codes are curated for 2021 & list some of the best deals and discounts as and when they go live; hoping to savings on to our readers. We update this section whenever we can, however please note that some coupons may expire.

If you find a deal we may have missed or an expired deal yet to be removed, leave us a comment and get in touch. Until then, grab a great deal with these 2021 JustCBD coupons and promo codes for up to 10% off, or continue scrolling for our Black Friday section!

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JustCBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Those seeking some JustCBD Black Friday sales for 2021 look to be in luck. We’ve found evidence of this brand’s involvement in both Black Friday & Cyber Monday throughout the years. In fact, their website even has its own page dedicated to these seasonal sales; offering deals on a huge number of products. They even offer a pre-Black Friday sale lasting up until the 30th of November, with up to 25% off and more.

We wholeheartedly recommend checking back here closer to the date for the best deals & discounts for this brand. If you have a question, think you’ve found a deal we’ve missed or have spotted an expired deal in this section, please leave us a comment!

We hope you enjoyed our 2021 JustCBD review; discover more brilliant brands in the rest of our CBD reviews now!