Medterra Review 2021


Key Specs

Potency range:

25 – 3000 mg

Price range:

$19.99 – $139.99

Medical benefits:

Whilst many users report therapeutic affects from CBD, such as sleep/stress relief, these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

Medterra Overview

Welcome to our latest Medterra review for 2021. Founded in 2017, Medterra CBD was started from a group of passionate individuals that saw the potential of cannabidiol early. Their main focus is to deliver high quality products at an affordable price, which they seem to readily offer!

We found almost all of their products fairly and competitively priced, alongside offering much more discounts, sales and coupons than other brands. Utilising industrial U.S. grown hemp for their products, this brand remains in accordance with all the Kentucky Department of Agriculture‘s strict guidelines.

Their support are friendly and highly responsive, with email and live chat available with very reasonable response times. This company remains completely U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certified, further showcasing quality and reputability.

They have even dabbled in a CBD for pets range, however we unfortunately did not get to test out those products this time around! This company frequently offer deals and discounts, so those looking to save some money should jump straight to our Medterra CBD coupons and promo code section.

Medterra Full Review coupons 2021

Recommended use:

Follow labelled instructions. Their website contains a page detailing and discussing the ideal CBD dosage.

For tinctures:
Take 1 full dropper (1 ml) daily, avoid exceeding the recommended dosage. Optionally, hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. We always recommend new users lightly dose to best discover their tolerance.

For gummies:
Take 1 gummy as needed, consult with a physician for optimal use.

For capsules:

Take one capsule per day as needed, ideally at the start of your day.

Extraction process:-


Medterra CBD capsules oil review 2021

Medterra Review 2021

Despite taking root in the U.S, Medterra operate internationally with both Europe/UK based stores, one of few companies to do so. Third-party lab reports remain readily available to the public and accessible via their website or QR code on the packaging.

Through these lab-reports, we could see that no artificial colourings or sweeteners were used in almost all products, which is great. We were left feeling impressed with their dedication to consistency, transparency, customer satisfaction and quality control, just to name a few.

Their range is quite refined, although each one still contains a good amount of choice and product variation. These categories range from CBD capsules to topicals and tinctures, which we will explore throughout our Medterra review.

We recommend viewing their website for yourself now, or continue reading our 2021 Medterra CBD review and learning more about this brilliant brand.

Medterra CBD Oil Review

Moving on to our review of these magnificent Medterra CBD oils, which we thoroughly enjoyed our experience with. We fell in love with the subtle taste, efficacy and refined quality of their tinctures. Excitingly, their range also includes an industry first, the “Ultra Broad Spectrum“, with a 10:1 ratio of CBD to additional active cannabinoids (CBDV, CBC, CBG, etc).

They produce this “Ultra Broad Spectrum” with their whole-plant extraction process; resulting in a potent and highly effective tincture, completely free from THC. Regarding the rest of their range, each Medterra CBD oil comes in a range of sizes, potencies and more, varying from 25 – 3000mg.

Medterra CBD Oil review and coupons 2021

1:1 ratio 1000mg citrus CBG+CBD tincture

Very high quality, very light and almost clear liquid/contents. To achieve such a light colour from hemp plants for CBD oil is incredible and attests to quality. Nice natural citrus/lemon taste, quite subtle but masks that classic overpowering oil taste/consistency. Made in US, THC free, non-GMO, US Hemp authority certified.

Although I was mostly focused on that fantastic flavour, it’s clearly this tincture is quite efficient, offering decent bioavailability. During writing this review, I felt remarkably relaxed and free from tension in my back. Serving size of 1 dropper, with approx. 30 servings per bottle. Recommended use is ~1 dropper, also suitable for topical use.

750mg ‘Immune Boost’ CBD tincture

Contains added vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, ginger root to boost immune system defences. Almost as clear as its citrus counterpart, overall taste and quality for this tincture is terrific. Tastes surprisingly nice, sweet hints and aftertaste of elderberry and echinacea. This flavour was subtle and the perfect way to mask otherwise bitter or somewhat viscous oils.

We found there not much of an oily aftertaste or thickness to it at all, with dropper contents going down a treat. Much like the citrus tincture, each bottle contains around 30 servings, with a serving size of approx. 1 dropper. Again, this immune boosting CBD tincture is completely THC-free, non-GMO and made within the U.S.

Like all of their product packaging, QR codes for lab-reports/certificates of analysis remain readily available. Please note, both tinctures recommend avoiding contact with eyes or mucus membranes and pregnant/nursing mothers should consult a doctor before ingesting. However, the effects of this remain undisclosed.

View this 750mg ‘Immune Boost’ tincture for yourself now, or continue reading our Medterra CBD review for 2021.

immune boost cbg tincture

Unbeatable consistency and a terrific taste!

All of their tinctures are met with positive reviews, which we found as no surprise. We really enjoyed our experience with these tinctures, especially at how easily ingesting them was. Normally, users are left with a slightly bitter, oily residue throughout their mouth and throat.

However, these highly refined oils certainly go down much smoother and taste great. We really think these are some of the best tinctures currently available on the market; remaining so smooth and light, despite containing majority MCT oil.

Both of these tinctures tasted good enough for supplementing into food, drink and other forms of ingestion. Although these tinctures are non-soluble in water, a quick mix-and-chug always works for those not too keen on oil texture or taste.

Browse the complete range of Medterra CBD oils here, or discover more about this brand below.

Medterra CBD Gummies review 2021

Review of Medterra Gummies

We got our hands on a 5-pack of Medterra 25 mg ‘tropical punch‘ naturally flavoured gummies; infused with L-theanine and turmeric for an added boost. Although intended to keep those who consume them calm, we found these gummies also offered a very uplifting yet relaxing impact.

Even after sitting on a desk for a few days in the heat, these gummies maintained shape, consistency and colouring. The overall flavour was a nice, although sometimes slightly intense tropical blend and very juicy at times, although the aftertaste needs some work; likely the result of a sizeable 25 mg CBD potency.

We were especially impressed with how this recipe only utilises natural flavourings and ingredients, with no artificial colourings or flavours. This is quite difficult to achieve for such great tropical twist; however much like many other gummies on the market, we experienced a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Medterra CBD gummies review coupons 2021

A tasty range full of variety

Their complete gummy range contains a number of options, not just limited to tropical flavours. For example, their “clinical antioxidant support gummies” are designed to boost the immune system, whilst providing antioxidant support.

They also offer another “immune boost” gummy variant, available in an Elderberry flavour. Lastly, their “sleep tight” melatonin-infused gummies come in a superb strawberry flavour, perfect for a better night’s sleep.

Users are recommended to take one gummy as needed, however dosing varies depending on person to person. The base ingredients for these gummies include: tapioca syrup, raw sugar, DI water, citrus pectin, natural flavourings/colouring, citric acid, sodium citrate and carnauba wax.

Much like all of their products, these CBD gummies undergo third-party lab testing to maintain high quality and transparency. Users can easily scan the QR code on the packaging of any product to quickly view any certificates of analysis’.

We highly recommend checking out their CBD gummies range for yourself, or learn more in the rest of our 2021 Medterra review.

Medterra CBD Capsules

Moving our 2021 Medterra review onto their highly convenient CBD capsules range. Capsules are often a much more discreet and highly portable method of ingesting, whether you’re just at home or on the move.

We found these offered a good boost to start our day, although on rare occasion, they slightly amplified a bad mood. We believe that the added caffeine is likely what could have caused this, however this case is very rare and still relies on the user’s temperament.

To stay vegan-friendly, the capsules are made from cellulose and water, as opposed to gelatine. Other ingredients also include calcium carbonate/silicate and magnesium stearate (vegetable source). Users are recommended to take 1 capsule per day as needed, preferably in the morning.

These capsules are formed from a brilliant blend of caffeine, B6, B12, maca, turmeric and more, each working to wake up and optimise your brain for the day. We highly recommend checking out their range of CBD capsules for yourself; or continue reading below to learn more.

A great way to start the day!

Designed for ingestion in the morning and aids in starting your routine right, with a little boost. Like most products, this remains suitable for vegans, is THC-free, non-GMO and made in USA.  Their complete CBD supplement range contains a melatonin infused “good night” variant, a “good morning” variant (the one we tried), traditional gel-based capsules and much more.

Customers can quickly scan the QR code on the packaging to bring up relevant lab reports. Throughout this Medterra review, we’ve really appreciated their dedication to quality and transparency, focused on delivering real value to their customers.

These capsules offer much greater bioavailability than traditional counterparts, resulting in less CBD required to receive the same effect. In fact, these capsules reportedly offer up to 17 times more bioavailability and 10 times faster absorption rates than tinctures and other methods of ingestion.

Check out our glossary of CBD terms to learn more about bioavailability, view their complete capsule range now, or continue reading for more information surrounding Medterra and their products.

best Medterra CBD capsule review 2021

Where can I buy Medterra products?

Although a number of redistributors exist, we recommend purchasing directly from either the Medterra US website, or the European/UK version. We were particularly fond of their “last chance” sale section, listing a number of great savings on a variety of products; with some discounts offering as much as 50% off and more.

However as it stands, we were unable to locate any kind of discount regarding a repeat subscription, which is becoming a fairly common service amongst CBD companies. We would love to see something like this in the future, although their “last chance” section is still an awesome alternative.


Finally, to conclude our Medterra CBD review. Despite just 4 years in operation, we feel that this company have quickly become one of the top CBD brands in the space; showcasing a real dedication to customer satisfaction, whilst offering a great range of impressive quality.

Their highly responsive support is friendly, professional and helpful. Each of their ranges often offers flash sales, discounts and other deals. In fact, we were sent at least 3-4 emails from Medterra with coupon codes and offers in the past few weeks.

Staying true to their word!

Their mission statement states a dedication to delivering quality CBD products at an affordable price… Something we feel they’ve done right down from their oil to topical products. All of these products are either on-par or cheaper than the vast majority of mainstream competitors; with seemingly no compromise in quality.

Overall, the CBD oils we tried were outstanding, with very subtle aftertaste but highly prominent punch of citrus or elderberry. Honestly, these tinctures were some of the clearest we’ve seen, proving the prestige of their extraction and manufacturing process.

Their gummies could do with a little improvement, although the consistency is great and we liked this type/variant; offering a nice change from traditional sugar coated marzipan and adding even more variation to their range.

Medterra CBD gummies review

We certainly recommend this brand to anyone located within the U.S. or UK/Europe and simply can’t wait to see them grow over the coming years. As always, thanks for reading Medterra CBD review for 2021, let us know your experience with this brand in the comments below!

View their website now for yourself, or continue reading for restrictions and availability, followed by our Medterra coupons and promo code section.

Restrictions and availability

Currently, Medterra operate within the USA, UK, Europe, Greece and Spain, whilst still supporting many regions in-between. All of these websites offer free shipping on orders over £/$75 of their respective currency; which is still cheaper than many other competitors.

However, it’s worth noting that the U.S. range contains many more options than their UK/EU counterparts. Regarding the UK website, it’s unsure whether they even offer a gummy range, as we could only see their tincture, topical and capsule categories.

Giving back to their customers

As previously mentioned, there is no subscription service for repeat purchases. Although we would like to see this, this brand do offer a military/Medterra “Assists” program, offering all active or retired U.S. military personnel a discount on all full-price orders up to $250.

Alongside this, they offer both a “last chance” sale section and a somewhat hard to find ‘bundles’ section, which allows customers to save up to 20% off multiple product purchases.

Medterra Coupons promo codes 2021

Generous relief program & refunds/returns policy

Alongside this, this assistance program also extends to long-term disability relief; offering discounts to the long-term medically disabled. military/Medterra “Assists” program.

Worth noting, orders placed prior to 11am PST are often shipped the same day. Medterra maintain a very generous 30-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to return their purchase for a full refund, should they remain unsatisfied.

Lastly, they also offer free returns/refunds for damaged products, provided they are claimed within 72 hours of arrival. View their full refunds and return policy here, or view our Medterra CBD coupons section below for some of the hottest deals of 2021 for this brand.

Medterra Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Moving on to the best part of our 2021 Medterra review, our coupons and promo codes section. From what we’ve seen, this brand are brilliant at offering flash sales, discounts and seasonal deals. One such example was a free tincture on every purchase, something we have yet to see from competitors.

Found a deal we’ve missed or want an expired deal/coupon code removed? Leave us a comment or contact us and we’ll take care of the rest. For now, get a great deal on your order with these Medterra CBD coupons / promo codes for 2021.

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15ml Citrus Full-Spectrum Drops for just $10

Free CBD oil with every purchase

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Free CBD oil with every purchase

We hope you enjoyed our 2021 Medterra review; discover more brilliant brands in the rest of our CBD reviews now!