Is water soluble CBD worth it?

Water Soluble CBD – Is it useful, or just a hype?

Water soluble CBD is one of the latest cannabidiol products to hit the market. Although generally offering weaker doses than gummies or capsules, these waters possess distinctive results in how fast they work, effective required doses and how long they last. In this article, we aim to cover the benefits and uses of these products, including comparisons between sachets and pre-bottled water.

Whilst a fairly new addition, the strength of these products have come a long way. Whilst typically containing 5-10mg, the strength of these water-soluble CBD solutions now vary depending on vendor; with some even stocking potencies of up to 250 mg. Completely non-psychoactive and suitable for use at any time, they remain a highly portable, discreet and an interesting alternative.

Such soluble solutions claim approx. 4-5 times the effectiveness of traditional oils. Users can either ingest directly, or mix in with a drink of their choice. They come in a few forms, such as powder or concentrate; alongside offering many flavours. There are also a number of alternative variants, such as pre-bottled drinks or powder mix sachets discussed below.

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Whilst most cannabidiol based products undergo an extraction process (such as CO2), water soluble CBD, CBD water & isolate powders utilise nanotechnology instead; creating miniature particles of molecules approx. 1 million times smaller than they were originally. This results in a far greater rate in which an active drug/metabolite enters systemic circulation, also known as bioavailability.

So, lets get a better understanding of these products. Both water soluble CBD and isolate powders offer superb bioavailability. As the nanoparticles are so small, CBD makes it through the digestive system without breaking down. This is no easy feat, considering cannabidiol naturally has very low bioavailability.

However, high bioavailability means that users can ingest less whilst receiving the same effect and benefits. As these are now water-soluble molecules, far more of them are absorbed into the bloodstream, enhancing your experience. Read our glossary of common CBD terms to learn more about this term.

CBD water

Individually, these premade bottles are cheaper and more convenient than their soluble concentrate counterparts; allowing users to “test the waters” without spending too much money. Currently, you can find a good selection of flavours and options; however users remain limited in choice, due to its nature as a new product.

Before, they used to commonly contain only ~2-5 mg per serving. Nowadays, these waters typically contain between 5-10 mg of cannabidiol per serving, which is lower than average compared to other methods.

Most companies also don’t seem to stock these, and those who do only offer ~10 mg potencies. The Nanocraft range (view here) contains a good example of high quality cannabidiol-infused water, sold in bulk packs of 12, approx. $4.16 each.

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These waters are typically packed with of other beneficial compounds, including (but not limited to) vitamin V-12, potassium and essential electrolytes. They also offer some of the cleanest methods of medicating. Typical tinctures have lower bioavailability, almost always taste oily and sometimes bitter; whereas these waters offer one of the purest methods of ingestion.

Personally, we believe water-soluble solutions and sachets (below) a better choice. Although this form of ingestion still offers a great way to re-dose/medicate and keep hydrated, alongside also staying highly discreet. We expect these types of products will undergo much innovation in the coming years, as currently they feel more like a gimmick.

Sachets /CBD Isolate Water-Soluble Powder

Although currently less common than traditional water soluble CBD or premade bottles, we feel this category certainly has the most potential. These sachets are essentially CBD isolate as a water-soluble powder, flavoured and packed into a consistent dose.

They offer the most differentiation in flavour and are incredibly easy to make. Simply pour the sachet into a glass, mix with water and enjoy. These methods are fairly fast acting, taking effect in approx. 30-60 minutes. Depending on the brand, these can also contain a higher cannabidiol potency than other methods; especially true when considering bioavailability.

CBD Isolate Water Soluble Powder

However, we found it much harder to locate a good selection of CBD isolate powders / sachets. We believe that demand for these products will soon explode, as they’re easily some of the tastiest options on the market. We honestly can’t wait to see how far these water-soluble CBD isolates/sachets will come in future.

Is it legal?

This usually depends on the local laws and regulations of your country or region. Often, CBD water and water-soluble solutions are legal, provided they contain less than 0.3% THC content. We recommend researching your local guidelines for your region before purchasing.

What are the benefits of CBD infused water?

By itself, cannabidiol is known to reduce stress, relax muscles, aid in focus and help maintain calmness. This extends to bottled CBD water and soluble solutions, with its increased bioavailability requiring less to ingest for the same effect.

  • Stay hydrated
  • Aid in relaxation
  • Convenient, portable & discreet
  • Greater bioavailability – take less for same effect

It’s important to note that CBD affects everyone differently and is not a “one size fits all”. Some users feel more relaxed, whereas others only note a very subtle yet soothing effect. Please lightly dose at first to find out what you’re comfortable with.

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How much CBD water should I drink?

The amount of cannabidiol per bottle varies depending on the brand, with most companies typically offering 2-5 mg. As previously mentioned, the higher bioavailability means that less is required for the same effect.

Although dependant on the potency per bottle, we still recommend users lightly experiment first to find their perfect dose; although most would likely enjoy up to 2-3 bottles.

Are there any side effects?

Ironically, one symptom of ingesting CBD infused water or soluble is a dry mouth. This is very rarely followed up with lower blood pressure, light-headedness or drowsiness.

Whilst this is not a normal reaction, we recommend visiting your doctor either before ingesting; or if you are suddenly struck with any of these ailments. However, many researchers consider cannabidiol as safe, non-toxic and not addictive.

How long does it take to work?

Sachets typically take between 30-60 minutes before feeling the full effect. For bottled water & water soluble CBD, users normally note effects approx. 20-30 minutes after ingesting.

However, a number of variable factors impact how long it takes for the body to absorb cannabidiol, such as: metabolism, method of ingestion, body mass, product quality and more.

As cannabidiol must enter the bloodstream to take effect, oral applications such as water may take longer. This is due to your body first needing to metabolize and digest through the and pancreas before entering the bloodstream.

How long does it stay in your system?

Depending on metabolism, dosage and frequency, CBD stays in the system for around 2-7 days. However, a 1991 study concluded that participants taking up to 700 mg of cannabidiol a day determined that endocannabinoid levels in the blood were “virtually undetectable”. We always recommend double checking your local laws and regulations for your region.

Does CBD water show up on a drug test?

Yes – there is potential that cannabidiol may show up on a drug test after consuming. However, this compound remains legal in many countries and as such, most drug tests look specifically for THC; the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Due to the vast majority of products containing trace amounts of THC (<0.3%), it is possible that it will not show up at all. Please note that this will not “cover up” evidence of ingesting any illegal substances.


Improvements in emulsification technology have allowed these products to come a long way; resulting in an increasing popularity of CBD isolates and soluble solutions. As such, all of these products are still very recent arrivals.

Whilst many brands have yet to adopt CBD water or drinks ranges, it seems likely that demand for these products will increase; hopefully accompanied by a few competitive companies innovating along the way.

This could further drive down costs and ultimately lower the price for the consumer, greatly improving availability. Currently prices for these drinks seem, however some prove a little expensive; meaning that most users would find better value for money out of a tincture.

Personally, we can’t wait to see what even the near future holds in store for these kinds of CBD drinks and isolates.

Where to buy

Whilst the majority of vendors simply stock flavourless mixing powder, we were particularly fond of “Realize Hemp“, who specialise in powdered drink mixes. Holistik also stock a nice “wellness sampler”, designed for users to experience and enjoy the full spectrum of cannabidiol.

However, directCBDonline definitely have the best selection; ranging from cans, isolate powders & mixes, infused teas, shots and more. Certainly one of the most complete ranges we’ve seen, stocking a large number of reputable companies.


The beauty of CBD lies in it’s versatility. There are a variety of alternative ways to ingest cannabidiol; ranging from capsules, tinctures, edibles, creams and more. Although other methods offer lower bioavailability, they are usually cheaper and could prove perfect for a number of needs.

Please browse our selection of reviews to find the best option for you. Alternatively, learn more with our CBD education articles.