Catori Botanics Review 2021

catori botanics review 2021

Last week, we sampled Catori Botanics and their lavender mint roll-on/CBD tincture. Although this is a small company run by a close-knit crew, this brand somehow feels both highly personal whilst upmarket and luxurious. The team believe that optimum health and well-being comes from a balanced lifestyle, with a focus on both mental & physical health.

catori botanics review 2021

Full-Spectrum CBD tincture

The overall quality of their products are clearly astounding, although the price tag also reflects this somewhat; resulting in a selection priced slightly higher than most competitors. However, we were easily able to taste the difference in their CBD tincture; going down smoothly and with no hint of that classic bitter cannabidiol bite-back, despite being unflavoured.

In fact, these tinctures only contain two ingredients, claimed to aid in “unparalleled purity” and efficacy: full-spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT oil (from coconut). We were really impressed with just how pure this tincture is, even more so after reading the third-party lab reports readily available to the public.

It’s clear that this brand prioritise quality over quantity, instead choosing to offer a reduced yet refined range.

All of their products have undergone testing, with published reports that users can check in detail before purchasing; which also showcases a great level of transparency to their customers, alongside their confidence in quality control.

full spectrum cbd review 2021

Lavender Mint CBD Roll-On

Switching focus of our review to their lovely lavender mint CBD roll on. This was honestly one of the best scents I’ve encountered, finding myself using it just to get another smell of it. It also works a treat, offering quite rapid relief.

catori botanics coupons cbd products 2021

Conveniently enough, I had sprained my ankle quite badly 3 days prior to these products arriving. There was a consistent tension in the ligaments of my foot and a dull, throbbing pain. I thought to myself, “will this really work?”, before applying generously to my ankle. You can imagine my surprise when the pain subsided near instantly, numbing much of my agonising ankle.

Although this affect only lasted around 20-30 minutes, that brief relief was all I needed. So, not only is this lavender mint roll-on effective in its role of easing aching joints; it also smells fantastic whilst remaining highly portable and discreet. We’d love to see more of these kinds of ingestion methods in the future, although hopefully a little cheaper.

cbd roll on review 2021

As expected, all hemp used is organically-grown with no use of pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals. Catori Botanics are one of very few companies to offer free shipping on all orders, although this only extends to customers within the United States;  as this brand currently do not ship internationally.

Regarding their returns policy, users can return unopened/unused products (in original packaging) within 30 days of purchase. They also maintain a satisfaction guarantee for their customers, offering one refunded return on an opened product (per customer, minus shipping). Please note that products must be at least >80% full.

CBD Body Balm

Whilst we didn’t get a chance to try these, their body balm range looks great; stocked in two variants, Mandarin Menthol and Lemon Cedar. Each contains 1100mg of full spectrum extract (approx. 750 mg CBD), also only using all-natural, organic ingredients and pesticide-free U.S. hemp.


Although still relatively new to the scene, Catori Botanics are clearly working hard to get their name out there. They make no sacrifice on quality and maintain a good level of transparency with their customers. Whilst international shipping is always nice, the U.S. market is big enough to thrive in.

This is most certainly a bespoke brand, with prices to reflect this level of quality. Whilst we don’t typically opt for more expensive brands, we noted a clear difference in quality and taste. We hope to see more products in future from this brand, hopefully at slightly more competitive prices.

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