Supreme CBD Review 2021

About Supreme CBD

Whilst little is available regarding the backstory or roots of this company, Supreme CBD stick to the rules and seem to do almost everything right and in-line with industry standards. This brand operates both within the UK and internationally, remaining fully regulated and meeting all certifications.

This first attests to quality, as in some cases UK CBD policies and regulations are stricter than their American counterparts. Customer satisfaction is clearly a priority, offering same day dispatch and next day delivery on orders before 12pm, with free shipping and a gummy grab bag on all purchases over £150.

Supreme CBD coupons and review 2021

They maintain quite a strict refund/returns policy, not offering options for either except in the case of damaged products. Coupled with the relatively high £150 minimum spend for free shipping, we feel that Supreme CBD could do a little better regarding customer care, although their support service is good. View their full returns policy here.

We also found it a little odd that they would have such a high spend requirement, however this still extends internationally. Despite this, their products remain of great quality and flavour, with most fairly priced and relatively affordable.

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As it stands, there is currently no military, senior or disability discount scheme in place. Those looking for discounts should browse their bundles section, or wait for their subscription service to go live. In future, we’d love to see more information on their “about” page regarding the origins of this brand and the team behind it.

View their website for yourself now, or continue reading below to learn more about their range of products.

Supreme CBD review 2021

CBD Oils Review

All of Supreme’s full-spectrum oils undergo CO2 extraction, also considered the “gold standard”. They go to great lengths to ensure maximum potency of phytocannabinoids, alongside including high levels of cannabidiol, terpenes and other cannabinoids; all whilst preserving the highest levels of purity and allowing users to experience all the pros of the whole hemp plant.

We sampled the 30ml (1000mg) full-spectrum oil; consisting of organic hemp/MCT oil and only 0.14% THC content. Supreme CBD offers quite an extensive range of tinctures to choose, from 500mg bottles to a whopping 24000mg bottle, easily one of of the biggest we’ve ever seen.

supreme UK cbd oil

Great quality & goes down a treat

Despite being full-spectrum, the flavour and consistency of the tincture we tried was spectacular. Although definitely a very plant-like taste, it was very clean and had no traces of that typical bitter aftertaste found in full-spectrum products. We could see from the colour alone that these oils were of premium quality; with a beautiful light amber oil filling the bottle.

Users will find instructions for use on the bottle, cleverly packaged to show after peeling off the initial label. From here, a clearly visible chart showcases the optimal doses and even macro doses, depending on weight and ranging between 50-220 lbs.

Regarding the 1000mg tincture we trialled, one full pipette contains approx. 32 mg of CBD, with each drop consisting of ~1.60mg. Recommended use is to squeeze one full dropper/pipette under the tongue. Hold for 20-30 seconds before swallowing for maximum absorption.

We were pleasantly surprised with this packaging, as not many other brands incorporate this; simply expecting their customers to already know their desired dosage. The tincture/oil is outstandingly pure, containing only MCT oil and “hemp-derived cannabis extracts” with less than 0.14% THC content.

Discover their full range of oils/tinctures now, or continue reading for our review of their gummies.

Gummies Review

Moving on to our favourite part of any review, the CBD gummies/edibles range. It appears that all of their gummies/edibles range utilises broad-spectrum oil, another one of the main three forms of cannabidiol. This typically offers a more subtle and more easily digestible flavour in comparison to full-spectrum edibles; all whilst maintaining the naturally occurring plant compounds.

Supreme CBD gummies review 2021

Met with a tantalisingly tropical aroma as soon as we opened the jar, we knew these would prove a treat. Each jar contains approx. 20 servings or 10mg gummies, varying between 5 unique colours/flavours. Rest assured, we had no issues testing each of these flavours, discussed below:

  • Green:
    Apple, pear or a mix of both. Very tasty although quite sweet, with prominent notes of green apple at times.
  • Orange:
    We feel that this one if fairly self explanatory, although we did find this flavour to be one of our favourites!
  • Yellow:
    Lemon, easily one of our favourites. Each yellow bottle boasted a very prominent lemon flavour, perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury, not sour at all.
  • Red/Light Purple
    One of the harder flavours to decipher, we thought these bottles possessed strong hints of strawberry with a subtle burst of blackcurrant.
  • White:
    Whilst we couldn’t distinguish a specific flavour, it still tasted great and very much like a traditional gummy.
  • Blue:
    Blueberry? Hard to distinguish, still tasted very nice. With only 1 blue bottle in our jar, we wished there were more!

Despite our perception of these tastes, the natural flavourings officially include strawberry, orange, pineapple, apple, elderflower, blackberry and lemon; 4 out of 6 isn’t so bad! Although recommending avoiding heat and storing in a cool/dry place, we found these gummies retained shape and consistency even in moderately high temperatures.

These gummies offered an awesome aftertaste not often found in edibles. Although this is likely due to only being 10mg/broad-spectrum, we could really taste the natural fruit flavourings used; which improved flavour and aftertaste massively.

Normally, when flavours are synthetic/from concentrate, they taste weak or almost fake. Thankfully, Supreme CBD utilise only natural flavours for their gummies. Browse their selection of CBD gummies for yourself, or learn more about this brand below.

Commitment to purity & quality control

Their team proudly state that these gummies are free from THC, pesticides, GMOs, gluten and any unfair or cruel practices; remaining GMP certified and 100% vegan, with third-party lab reports available on the website or a scannable QR code on the packaging.

Their selection of CBD edibles is quite impressive, going far deeper than just some bottle gummies. Take your pick from regular/large strawberries, cherries and gummy bears, offering both great taste and choice. This form of ingestion offers a highly discreet method of consumption or redosing throughout the day.

In accordance with the FDA, their website and packaging recommends exceeding no more than 7 a day, resulting in a dosage of approx. 70mg. We thought this may prove a little excessive, as average daily dose is ~50-60mg. Although when testing, we had at least 6 each and enjoyed the effects.

Normally after sitting at my desk for a while, my lower back starts to ache and overall feels tense; however I felt none of that when writing this article, approx. 45 minutes after sampling these gummies. Check out their range of CBD gummies if you’re looking to feel as relaxed as I do right now!

Other Products

The selection of products offered by Supreme CBD is quite impressive. Typically, most companies seem to specialise in a handful of products, however Supreme maintain a broad range filled with great choice and quality.

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Their range consists of traditional tinctures and oils to e-liquids and vape pens, capsules, topicals/balms, edibles and more. Normally, companies who offer large ranges sacrifice on overall quality of either product or service, however Supreme CBD manage to maintain brilliant quality control and have a responsive, friendly support team.

They also remain highly transparent, with scannable QR codes leading to third-party lab reports on all products; alongside being available to the public directly from their website, showcasing a dedication to transparency and quality control. Readers can also click and view their lab-reports directly from their website.

Supreme CBD Tinctures Range


Although not as mainstream or renowned as other companies, this Liverpool based brand is definitely one to look out for if based in the UK or Europe. We can see Supreme CBD becoming a top competitor in the industry, especially if they continue this level of transparency/quality and selection.

We’d like to see a few changes such as a lower minimum spend for free shipping and a little more about the company in our “about us” page; however this is still minor. The important thing is that this brand maintains a terrific level of transparency and a dedication to quality control. They also place great care on customer service, with a fast and responsive support team.

Monster 24000 mg tincture – one of the largest we’ve seen

Overall, we were definitely happy with our experience. The additional guidance chart on the tincture packaging was a brilliant addition that shows the responsibility maintained by the team behind Supreme. Currently they’re doing everything right!

20% off your order

Get 20% off your order when you use this exclusive coupon code at checkout!
20% off your order

View their range for yourself now, or return to the rest of our CBD company reviews.