Elixinol CBD Coupons & Review 2021

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Fairly priced
Easy to navigate
Free shipping on orders over $75
Overall outstanding quality products
Tasty tincture flavours & good gummies
Free shipping to the UK & much of Europe
Operates in both North America & Europe
Generous 30-day money back 'satisfaction guarantee'
Transparent company with published certificates of analysis for most products
Refined ranges offering limited products
US free shipping spend a little higher than some competitors

Key Specs

Potency range:

133 – 4000mg

Price range:

$7.99 -$219.99

Medical benefits:

Although many users report therapeutic affects including better sleep & pain/stress relief, these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

Elixinol CBD Overview

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, the team behind Elixinol live and breathe for quality CBD. Priding themselves on offering outstanding customer service, their team is incredibly responsive & helpful.

Alongside this, they also utilise expertise from a number of doctors, veterinarians & scientists to create an ideal formula for each product. Citing their collective team as having more knowledge of hemp, cannabinoids & the endocannabinoid system than anyone else in the world, it’s clear that this brand brims with quality.

This brand also utilises advanced CO2 supercritical extraction, resulting in great quality amber oil. Much like many others, Elixinol publishes third-party lab reports for their products, guaranteeing legitimacy & transparency.

From capsules & CBD for pets to tinctures & creams, their complete range contains something for everyone. Discover more about this brand in the rest of our review; or grab a great deal from our Elixinol coupons section below.

Recommended use:

Follow labelled instructions. For tinctures, between 3-6 drops under the tongue, depending on potency. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. We always recommend new users lightly dose to best discover their tolerance.

Extraction process:-

Supercritical CO2, Ethanol distilled

Elixinol CBD coupons review 2021

Elixinol Review 2021

As one of the first cannabidiol brands on the market, they cite themselves as “leading the industry since before it was an industry”. Established back in 1991 & based in Colorado, Elixinol were on the scene before it was even official; in turn becoming a leading company and highly reputable brand.

With so many years in business, it’s no surprise that their team have picked up an array of awards; from the 2016 Innovation award to best tasting tincture & highest quality rating in 2017. Although they stock a little less variation than some competitors, each & every product they stock if of stellar quality.

We were especially surprised at the reasonable prices these top-tier products are listed for; with entire bundles being cheaper than some competitors’ tinctures. They also offer a large selection of full-spectrum products, containing a variety of endocannibinoids, terpenes and more; all essential for the ‘entourage effect‘.

Furthermore, those within the US will enjoy free shipping across the states on orders over $75, with a 30-day refund policy should you remain unsatisfied. Throughout our Elixinol CBD review, it became clear that this is a team who really care about the satisfaction of their customers.

The inclusion of third-party lab reports & certifications of approval also attests to this, offering transparency whilst allowing users to check the authenticity & ingredients of their products. Read the rest of our 2021 Elixinol review & learn about their oils, gummies, vape oil and more.

Elixinol CBD Oil

Starting off, there are 4 main variants to choose from; full or broad spectrum “daily balance”, “organic balance” & a CBD blend “daily balance liposome”. With the latter containing a citrus twist, each of these variants contain their own unique flavour and utility. We really appreciate having the choice between full & broad spectrum for their tinctures, with the former possessing a wonderful “Cinnamint” flavour.

As previously mentioned, this brand utilises supercritical CO2 extraction, resulting in great potency, purity and under 0.03% THC content. Rest assured, every tincture you see is gluten free, uses no harsh solvents/chemicals, organically grown & vegan friendly. It’s clear that these tinctures are of top quality, alongside featuring a fantastic selection of flavours.

View the full range of CBD oils now, or continue reading our 2021 Elixinol review & learn about their CBD gummies.

Elixinol CBD oil tinctures coupons review 2021

Elixinol Gummies

Moving on to their assorted gummies, also known as “Good Mood gummies”. We’re especially fond of CBD edibles, as they’re almost always gummies… And our sweet tooth will never be satiated. A highly portable & discreet solution for anyone, these gummies remain fully vegan, utilising full-spectrum extracts. To our (and hopefully your) delight, these gummies come in an assortment of flavours; from pineapple, passion fruit & mixed berry to assorted packs combining all 3.

Users should expect a consistent cannabidiol content of 10mg per gummy, with each jar containing 30 gummies. Those looking to “taste” the waters can order a smaller, 4 gummy sachet for just $4.99. We believe these make a great alternative to droppers and capsules, whilst also very easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Discover their range of gummies here, or continue reading and learn about their CBD capsules; coming up next in our Elixinol review for 2021.

Review of Elixinol CBD Capsules

Elixinol CBD capsules are a great way to consistently & accurately medicate/redose, alongside remaining a highly portable solution. With 15mg of cannabidiol per capsule, you know exactly what you’re getting every time. No more need for droppers or measuring, simply pop a CBD pill and off you go.

Their team cite these capsules suitable for inflammation, stress management, sleep and more. All listings come in both 30 & 60 count bottles, with a number of variants. Choose from MCT coconut infused “daily balance” or melatonin infused “good night” capsules, whatever suits you best.

Of course, these capsules contain the same oil derived from their tinctures, all utilising the same industry leading extraction method. Vegans will breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that no gelatine is used & 100% vegan friendly.

We recommend taking one capsule with food/water twice daily, depending on need & tolerance. See their range of CBD capsules here, or continue reading our 2021 Elixinol review for information on their topical creams.

Elixinol CBD capsules coupons review 2021

Review of Elixinol Topicals

CBD topicals have fast become one of the top methods for localised care. Available in a number of forms, from roll-on sticks and creams to gels and balms; offering an incredibly discreet & portable method of medication. These topicals boast utility for a number of reasons, many specifically used for post-workouts and muscle relaxation. However, there are alternatives such as lip balm and more.

Whilst what they do offer is clearly high calibre, we were expecting a little bit of a bigger range; instead containing only sports gel, hemp balm & lip balm. There are still a number of advantages to using these topicals, from relaxing muscles or hydrating & soothing skin to simply an extra step of your skincare routine. Learn more about their range of CBD topicals here, or continue reading our 2021 Elixinol review for our conclusion & coupon section.

Where can I buy Elixinol products?

We highly recommend purchasing these products directly from the official Elixinol CBD website. All ranges are remarkably clean and easy to navigate, all in all offering a very user-friendly experience. Whilst users currently can’t view & filter all products, hopping categories takes a mere moment.

As previously mentioned, this brand offers free shipping on all domestic orders, with no minimum spend; alongside also offering international shipping options on checkout. Click & discover the full range now, or continue reading for our conclusion & Elixinol coupons section.

Elixinol Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021


In conclusion, we believe Elixinol is one of the top CBD brands around, alongside one of the oldest. Decades of experience has ascended this brand in all its brilliance to legendary status. Their team have shown remarkable versatility, quickly adapting to the ever changing times and staying relevant.

Whatever your requirement, we’re sure you’ll find something from their range. Whilst a few more flavours is always nice, their oil speaks for itself. Whether you need a natural alternative to potentially addictive painkillers or simply require a little rest & relaxation, this company is your one stop shop.

However, we always recommend checking with your doctor first to ensure that cannabidiol remains a suitable replacement for prescriptions. Lastly, feel free to continue reading for restrictions/availability and our Elixinol coupons section below.

Restrictions and availability

Elixinol CBD ship both domestically and internationally, with free shipping on those living within the US. With a passion for customer satisfaction, their team offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers left unsatisfied. We believe this a notably noble policy, considering many competitors require specific reasons & no damage/use of the product.

Depending on where you live, you should either order from their US or European websites respectively. Whilst shipping to a variety of locations, we still advise checking the local laws and regulations for your region, as cannabidiol remains illegal in some states and countries.

Continue reading our review for some of the biggest Black Friday deals, alongside Elixinol coupons & promo codes for 2021.

Elixinol Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

At long last, our Elixinol coupons & promo codes section for 2021. Like all of our reviews, we hope to maximise value for money and savings for our readers. Enjoy up to 15% off using the exclusive coupon codes below; or continue reading for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday section below.

Whilst we try to keep this section updated, please note that some coupons may eventually expire. Found a deal we may have missed? Leave us a comment and we’ll verify it!

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elixinol coupons promo codes 2021

Elixinol Black Friday Discounts 2021

Finally, bringing our review to a close with the Elixinol Black Friday section for 2021. Cannabidiol products can be expensive and as such, the Black Friday sale is likely the best time to grab a bargain. Last year, we saw a variety of discounts, from 20%, 30% and even up to 50% off. As such, we believe it very likely that their seasonal sales return for November.

So please check back here closer to the date, as Elixinol are likely to participate in Black Friday this year. We hope we answered any questions you have regarding this brand. Still unsure? Feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading our Elixinol CBD review for 2021; feel free to read the rest of our CBD company reviews and learn more about a number of brilliant brands. Alternatively, check out our educational CBD articles.