Hempworx Full-Spectrum Peppermint Hemp Oil

A delicious tasting peppermint tincture, and that's about it.

Hempworx has a great tasting peppermint tincture and that's really all its got. The drawbacks are its purchasing process, measurement-less dropper, value, and missing (or out of date) lab tests.
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Money-back guarantee
Unclear CBD amount
Measurement-less dropper
Purchasing process
Recruiting emails
Incomplete lab tests

I was first introduced to Hempworx by a friend who was making waves as an affiliate marketer for the company.

Naturally as we were hearing more about the company and learning more about the industry, we put Hempworx on our list of companies to check out.

For those who may not be familiar with the company, it is a multi-level-marketing company owned by My Daily Choice. Hempworx focuses on hemp products with an emphasis on the CBD niche.

Product assortment ranges from tinctures, skincare, dog treats, to even coffee creamers.

Purchasing Experience

The first product we decided to try first was the Hempworx Full-Spectrum Peppermint Hemp Oil (750mg).

Since I already had a connection through Hempworx, I bought the item through their online store.

But even if you don’t have a connection, the online ordering experience is still the same as shown below.

There are a number of things I really dislike about Hempworx’s purchasing experience.

For starters, the first thing you’ll be asked is to select whether you’d like to be just a customer or an affiliate member.

If you choose to just be a customer, you then have to enter your personal information, sign-up for an account, and are then able move to the next step: product selection.

The next section displays a variety of different product packages where you can either select to buy a single item or up to 12.

I assume the different product packages were built to encourage you to buy more than 3 items — If you buy less than 4, you receive no discounts.

If you are interested in only purchasing one item, you’ll have to select the first package and scroll past the other packages. Then enter in your CC information, billing, shipping address — all before even seeing the total.

Once you’ve clicked ‘continue’ you’re then taken to another page where you’ll find your grand total. For the single tincture, the total came out to be $97.95 (retail is $89).

On top of the irregular purchase experience, you can also expect to receive emails to join the program and become an affiliate member.

Notice below also how many emails have “TODAY is the LAST DAY” in the subject line…

Aside from the lengthy purchase experience and the pushy emails, the one thing I did appreciate about the experience was the notification of when my order was shipped and when my product arrived.


Where Hempworx shines brightest at is taste.

It is honestly one of the best dang peppermint tasting tincture we’ve tried so far.

At first glance, the heavy green/yellow coloring made me wonder if there’d be some sort of earthiness to the oil.

To my surprise, there actually wasn’t any earthy tones to this peppermint oil and it was rather tasty overall.

The oil also sits nicely under your tongue. It isn’t too heavy or too light. The weight of the oil reminds me of Medterra’s Medoil CBD Tincture.

Oh yes, I can’t forget the smell.

The oil also has such a pleasant peppermint smell that it makes me wonder why I don’t already have a peppermint scented oil diffuser in my life already.

Ease of Use

The tincture comes with a graduated dropper but oddly, doesn’t come with any measurements.

The bottle lists there are 20 drops for a serving size of 0.6ml.

Since you can’t measure on the dropper, you’re kind of forced to either count the drops or guess where you think the right amount is.

The other thing that’s not very clear is how much CBD is present in the bottle.

Hempworx list that there is 15mg of phytocannabinoid hemp oil in one serving size for the 750mg bottle. While this helps us understand it is a full-spectrum product, it fails to communicate the amount of CBD contained in the bottle.

The listed 750mg amount is also a bit deceiving considering that you don’t actually get 750mg of CBD specifically in the bottle. *It’s 750mg of some CBD with a mix of other naturally occurring cannabinoids.

CBD American Shaman, for example, will list not only how much hemp (and what parts) is extracted per serving but also breaks out how much CBD is in that extraction.


Because of the measurement-less dropper style and the not-so-transparent amount of CBD per serving, Hempworx loses some points from us on ease of use.


At a cost per milligram perspective, Hempworx is not a value brand.

Price/mg comparison
CBD American Shaman Terpene Rich Hemp Oil 750mg $0.19
Hempworx Full-Spectrum Peppermint Hemp Oil 750mg $0.12
Joy Organics CBD Oil Tinctures (full-spectrum) 1000mg $0.10
Lazarus Naturals High Potency Tincture (full-spectrum) 750mg $0.04

Earlier I had mentioned Hempworx falling short on breaking down the amount of CBD in its bottle.

This might contribute to why I was noticing a weaker effect on Hempworx’s full-spectrum oil. Meaning, in comparison to other products I’ve tested out, I needed more of Hempworx’s product to match the effects.

This meant the cost per mg of CBD is actually much higher than $0.12 since I needed nearly double the amount. That makes Hempworx even more expensive than CBD American Shaman at the end of the day for me. Yikes.


Hempworx has a ‘documention’ tab on its website that supposedly shows labs tests for all of its products.

Unfortunately, half of the tests are over a year old and is hard to identify which lab test go with which product.

Without enlarging the document (half the tests kept giving us a 404 error anytime we tried to open it), we could at least see the oils are being tested for potency within the last year.

Important tests like heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, volatile organic compounds were done outside of the 12-month time frame and could not be validated for this review.

We have reached out to Hempworx’s support team to provide more context and have not received any clarity on their lab test results. If we hear back, we’ll update this section accordingly.

Until then, the only thing we can confirm is that the current public lab tests for Hempworx’s products are not up to date and consumers will likely have to reach out to the support team to receive more information on the product tests prior to purchasing.


The best thing about Hempworx’s peppermint hemp oil is the taste.

Aside from that, the product label (and dropper) lacks clarity, falls short on value, and lab tests results are obscure.

Our take: The taste alone isn’t enough to make this worthwhile. There are better quality full-spectrum products available at a better value from more transparent companies.

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