Medterra Medoil CBD Tincture

Tasteless THC free tincture that's fairly priced

Medterra offers a great tasteless THC free tincture at a fair price. Main drawback is an inadequate dropper and an incomplete lab test for pesticides.
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Clear product information
Inadequate dropper
Incomplete lab test

Unlike other CBD companies that carry an array of options, Medterra focuses solely on zero THC products.

As a result, there isn’t nearly as much to choose from as other companies like Green Roads World, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Medterra seeks to do one thing really well, and that’s being the go-to brand for high-potency CBD isolate products.

Beyond being THC-free, the company also touts its high testing standards, using non-GMO hemp, and providing a tasteless tincture that is easy to consume.

The product information found on the bottle was easy to read and follow, and also lists exactly how much CBD you can except in a dropper (1ml).

They also have a 30-day money-back-guarantee, in the event you are unsatisfied with the product.

Having tried Lazarus Naturals’ Tropical High Potency Tincture 750mg (THC free), we were curious to see how Medterra compared.

Purchasing Experience

Medterra scores high on our trust score, so we didn’t hesitate to give their product a try. The Medoil CBD Tincture is offered in three strengths: 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg.

We decided to test the 1000mg strength.

The product description is clear enough to understand it is an isolate and even breaks down how much CBD to expect per serving, per size.

Lab tests are right next to the product images and were easy to find.

The 1000mg bottle is priced at $79.95 but we were able to find a 15% off coupon online, and paid $67.96 before shipping fees applied.

All-in-all, we experienced no problems with Medterra’s e-commerce experience. The site was secure, fast, and easy to navigate.


Medterra claims that its Medoil CBD Tincture’s are tasteless and odorless—something we found to be completely true.

If you have only tried natural or flavored tinctures thus far, you might find this product rather refreshing as it is shockingly flavorless.

Most tinctures, even the flavored ones, have a hint of earthiness to them.

The consistency has a good balance of not being too oily or watery and sits rather smoothly in your mouth. The coloring is completely clear with no sign of additional particles.

Ease of Use

For CBD isolate products, I personally need about 50mg of CBD per dose.

In the 1000mg bottle, there are 33mg of CBD in one serving (1ml – 1 full dropper). In my case, I needed approx. 1.5ml to get 50 mg of CBD.

At a glance, the dropper looks fairly standard in comparison to other droppers we’ve used.

However, for the life of me, I could not get the dropper to fill all the way to the 1ml mark. Given that I would have had to do the dropper twice to get the amount needed, it wasn’t that big of a deal for me.

But on the contrary, I also could see how annoying it can be to use the dropper twice in one sitting if you only need about 1ml of this product. For that reason, Medterra loses a few points on ease of use.


Without promotions, taxes or shipping fees applied, Medterra’s pure CBD product is nearly 40% higher in price than Lazarus Naturals, but nowhere near as expensive as CBD American Shaman’s THC-free tinctures.

Price/mg comparison
CBD American Shaman Terpene Rich Hemp Oil (THC Free) 750mg $0.19
Hempworx THC Free Peppermint CBD Oil 750mg $0.12
Medterra Medoil CBD Tincture (THC Free) 1000mg $0.08
Lazarus Naturals Tropical High Potency Tincture (THC Free) 750mg $0.05

Most coupons online currently range between 10% to 15% off for Medterra. Even after a 15% discount, Medterra still isn’t comparable to Lazarus Naturals from a value standpoint but it’s still not mind-bogglingly expensive.


Medterra does a great job of being upfront about its lab test results. Lab tests are front and center on each product page, rather than being buried in a tab somewhere obscure on the page.

You can find the lab test reviewed for this post here: Medterra Medoil CBD Tincture COA

While there are other companies that only test for potency, Medterra tests for:

  1. Potency
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. Microbiological contaminants
  4. Volatile organic compounds

Medterra does lose two points from us though for not having test results on pesticides.


The most distinctive thing about Medterra Medoil CBD Tincture is its taste—or lack thereof.

Yet, the brand also has several other things going for it, including a 30-day money back guarantee and mostly complete lab tests.

Finally, the value, while not the absolute best, is still very reasonable at $0.08/mg.

Our take: If you’re in search of THC-free tincture without the earthy taste, consider Medterra.

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