R+R Medicinals Coupons & Review 2021

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Veteran's discount
USDA Organic certified
Discount on subscription orders
Less than 0.03% THC in every product
Generous "30-day risk free" return policy
Extremely high quality products in all ranges
Utilises both CO2 & Nano-emulsion technology
Transparent company with published third-party lab reports
Free shipping on domestic orders, alongside international shipping options
Limited range
A little more expensive than some competitors

Key Specs

Potency range:

500 – 2500mg

Price range:

$25.99 -$269.99

Medical benefits:

Although many users report therapeutic affects from CBD, including better sleep & pain/stress relief, these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

R+R Medicinals Overview

Introducing R+R Medicinals, a Colorado-based brand boasting USDA approval on almost all of their CBD products. Whilst offering a fairly reduced range, all products stocked are of stellar quality & potency. This kind of store is less common amongst competitors, with R+R preferring to focusing on quality over quantity. Utilising industry leading CO2 extraction, CBD is extracted directly from fully organic, local hemp plants.

Transparency is also another key objective of this brand, publishing third-party lab reports available to the public; showcasing their confidence in quality & legitimacy. From tinctures to creams, soft gel capsules & CBD for pets, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Learn more about this brand in the rest of our 2021 R+R Medicinals review; or click now to grab a great deal from our coupons section below.

Recommended use:

Follow labelled instructions. For tinctures, between 3-6 drops under the tongue, depending on potency. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. We always recommend new users lightly dose to best discover their tolerance.

Extraction process:


R+R medicinals coupons review 2021

R+R Medicinals Review 2021

Welcome to our R+R Medicinals review for 2021. Before beginning, we’ll briefly discuss a few of the pros surrounding this brand. Although little is known about this brand, they remain fairly transparent regarding their products. For starters, the majority of their stock (if not all) are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved. All hemp used is locally & sustainably sourced, whilst also remaining fully organic. Tinctures come in a selection of sizes, from 500 to 2500 mg, including a discounted 3-pack. Whilst browsing, we were all surprised at the remarkably reasonable & fair prices for all ranges; alongside the incredible detail of the third-party ladb reports.

To see such quality offered for such a price truly is a rarity in this industry; with a large selection of full-spectrum cannabidiol available in a number of forms. Furthermore, those in the US can enjoy free domestic shipping for all orders, with no minimum spend. Alongside this, users can also utilise their discounts & rewards program for returning customers, helping save even more money. Those requesting refunds have up to 30 days money-back guarantee.

Their team claim to stand behind the quality of their products; even declaring a “30-day risk free trial”, allowing customers to try their product “consistently for a few weeks” & still allowing returns if left unsatisfied after this time. Whilst R+R Medicinals’ products remain available from third-party websites, we recommend purchasing directly from them; mostly due to the money back guarantee. Read the rest of our 2021 R + R Medicinals review & learn about their oils, gummies, vape oil and more.

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R+R Medicinals Oil

Switching our 2021 R+R Medicinals review onto their tinctures; offering a simple yet comprehensive range of 2 types. Choose from peppermint or unflavoured, 500 to 2500mg and even subscription discounts. Users should expect approx. 30 ml cannabidiol content in 1 fl of oil extract. Their team recommend this as a 30-day supply, however this really depends on user needs and tolerance. They also instruct users to shake well before squeezing 1-2 servings under the tongue, 1-2 times daily & not exceeding 3 servings within 6 hours. Much like most of their products, users can enjoy a 30 day “risk-free” trial; allowing customers to return products within 30 days if they remain unsatisfied with their purchase.

Customers can also check out their detailed third-party lab reports, which shows that the 2500mg bottles actually contains up to 2800mg cannabidiol content. These tinctures also contain a healthy amount of terpenes; such as guaiol, limonene, hexahydrothymol, A-Bisabolol & more, all essential for the ‘entourage effect’. Not only do you get more than what you pay for, the lab reports maintain a great level of brand transparency. Outside of what we’ve previously mentioned, no other ingredients are used besides organic full-spectrum hemp & MCT oil extracted from coconuts. Whilst a few extra flavours is always nice, this brand opts for a more limited range, focusing on accessibility & quality. Continue reading our 2021 R+R Medicinals review & learn about their range of CBD gummies.

R+R medicinals cbd oil review coupons 2021

R+R Medicinals Gummies

CBD gummies have fast become a favourite method of ingesting and medicating; offering a highly portable, convenient & awesome tasting alternative to tinctures or capsules. Although they only stock one product in this range, we feel confident that these multi-flavoured CBD gummies will suit the tastes of most, containing 10 each of the following flavours; Palisade peach, Granny Smith apple & Alpine strawberry. Whilst a few more options is always nice, its clear that R+R focus on quality over quantity. Their reviews appear to reflect this, with a tsunami of positive reviews sweeping the screen. Much like all of their products, customers can enjoy a risk-free 30 day return guarantee, should they remain unsatisfied with their purchase.

As expected, these gummies are fully organic and even vegan, with no spray or pesticides used on any hemp used. R + R Medicinals recommend consuming 1-2 gummies per day & storing in a cool/dry place. Whilst offering a tantalising taste, they do utilise small amounts of dextrose & tapioca syrup, which may not suit those avoiding artificial sweeteners. However, customers can still easily check their authentic third-party lab reports for all ingredients included. Top quality at a fair price, truly a great way to medicate. View their CBD gummies range yourself now, or learn more about their creams & capsules in the rest of our R + R Medicinals review for 2021.

R+R medicinals cbd gummies review 2021

Review of R+R Medicinals CBD Capsules

Much like gummies, CBD capsules offer a remarkably portable and highly consistent method of medicating. Rest assured that no matter what, the dose always stays the same. These capsules also eliminate the reliance on tinctures, which makes a great alternative for those who dislike the taste of CBD oil. Again, customers can effortlessly check their third-party lab reports to ensure quality or compatibility. Their team recommend consuming 1-2 doses per day, further accompanied by food/water. Whilst a few more options would be nice, we can’t complain at the great overall quality of this product.

Utilising nano-emulsified hemp for much more efficient delivery, thanks to a drastically higher bioavailability. This nano-emulsion is rarely utilised yet offers much greater results, with the only other company we’ve reviewed to use this so far being Nanocraft CBD. Although only available in 34ct (containing 34 doses), users can choose between 15/30 mg potencies, alongside savings 10% by setting up repeat purchases. Discover their range of soft gel capsules here, or continue reading our 2021 R+R Medicinals review for information on their topical creams.

R+R Medicinals CBD Capsules coupons review 20211

Review of R+R Medicinals Topicals / Hemp Cream

Moving our review onto their cream product, of which their team appear very proud of. With over a year of development, this brand enlisted the help of doctors, chemists and other industry professionals; in turn creating a terrific topical hemp cream. Ingredients ranging from aloe, calendula flower, arnica montana, etc. ensure high performance relief & accelerated absorption. Their team also made sure to remove artificial fragrances, dyes or menthol for use at any time.

According to the listing, each product contains approx. 45 days supply when used daily. Recommended dosage says to apply a quarter-sized amount of cream & rub thoroughly, avoiding open skin/cuts & contact with eyes. However whilst a top-quality product, a few more options would have been nice; predominantly a different size or potency. See their hemp cream for yourself here, or continue reading our 2021 R+R Medicinals review for our conclusion & coupon section.

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Where can I buy R+R Medicinals products?

Whilst users can purchase directly from R+R’s website, they also offer some of their selection on Amazon. We found this pretty surprisingly, considering Amazon rarely sells any CBD related products; especially considering that CBD isn’t federally legal. We believe R+R get past this through labelling their products as containing “hemp”. However, we recommend users purchase directly from their official website, as they will remain eligible for the 30-day return policy.

Users from all walks of life can enjoy a selection of savings & discounts, from 10% repeat subscriber discounts to 20% off for Veterans. Alongside this, their rewards program also gives 1 point for every dollar spent, giving something back to loyal customers. Another awesome addition is free shipping on domestic orders, saving their customers money. Surprisingly enough, this brand utilises decent delivery companies such as USPS, resulting in an average arrival time of 5-7 days. Click the banner below & discover R+R Medicinals full range now, or continue reading for our conclusion & coupons section.


To conclude our review, although little is known about the team & mission behind this brand, we feel confident that they’re top performers. They mainly keep to themselves, however we did discover that this brand is in fact a family-run business, which is always nice. Instead of taking the shotgun approach, R + R Medicinals have honed in their sniper sights, offering just 1-2 products per range; as opposed to many competitors who stock near ridiculous ranges of 30+ products per category.

This shows us once more that this brand values quality of quantity, staying consistent throughout. Alongside previous mentions, they also feature a CBD for pets range, which is worth checking out for any owner. We really appreciated the comprehensive third-party reports, allowing us to learn about each product in greater detail. In regards to a final verdict, we wholeheartedly recommend this brand to first-timers, casuals & regular users alike. Read the rest of our review for our coupons section & save up to 15% off your order!

Restrictions and availability

As a US based company, R+R offer free shipping on domestic orders; something not seen too often, as most brands require a minimum spend. Furthermore, we believe this brand to also offer international shipping, which is always a great option to give. Their support team is responsive & helpful, making sure you’re clued in & happy.

It’s clear that their team take customer satisfaction seriously, offering a 30 day return policy if not completely satisfied “for any reason”. Whilst they ship to all states & also internationally, we still recommend ensuring your local laws and regulations for your region allow for cannabidiol products.

R+R Medicinals Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Cost-effective customers are always hunting for the latest discount or deal, and we don’t blame you. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best R + R Medicinals coupons, promo codes & discounts for 2021. We hope to bring great value for money & savings to our readers, updating this section where we can; however please note that some coupons may eventually expire. Check out these coupons below for up to 15% off and more, or continue reading for our R + R Medicinals Black Friday section. Found a deal we may have missed? Leave us a comment and we’ll verify it!

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R+R -Medicinals Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Drawing our 2021 R+R Medicinals review to a close with our Black Friday & Cyber Monday section. Here, you’ll find a number of seasonal savings & holiday deals surrounding the November season. Last year, we saw coupons ranging from 25% off to reports of even up to 50% off! Surprisingly, we also found evidence of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years deals in 2021, so keep those fingers crossed for this year!

Thank you for reading our R+R Medicinals review for 2021, if you think we’ve missed something or still have a question, please leave us a comment. Find out more about other brands in our CBD reviews or check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments!