Nanocraft CBD Coupons & Review 2021

Ease of Use8.5
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Fully organic
30-day return policy
User friendly website
Extensive & varied range
Published third-party lab reports
Formulated by licensed chemists
Utilises "nano-emulsion" technology
Majority of products are THC free
Trustworthy brand with responsive support
Over 20 years experience in nutrition technology
A little expensive
Only operate within the states
Free shipping minimum spend higher than some competitors

Key Specs

Potency range:

25 – 3000 mg

Price range:

$6.99 – $299.99

Medical benefits:

Currently not tested by FDA.

Nanocraft CBD Overview

Welcome to our Nanocraft CBD review for 2021, with our coupon section at the end as always. The team behind these tinctures state that they’re “designed for the athlete in all of us”, hoping to aid the active during post-workout routines or recovery.

Based in La Jolla, California and founded by Todd Erwin & Stefan McKellar, two lifelong friends; citing that their main goal is to create “exceptional CBD product that contribute to overall health & wellbeing”. With their sights set on becoming an industry leader, Nanocraft are pushing hard for recognition on the sports stage.

All of their products undergo manufacturing within their advanced cGMP certified laboratory, all under the watchful eye of their CSO; a licensed chemist & plant biologist with 20 years of experience in nutrition technology.

Rest assured, all hemp used in these products remains fully organic, with no pesticides, solvents, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc. Alongside this, all of their products undergo third party lab testing, with reports available to the public; ensuring legitimacy, quality & consistency. Learn more about this brand in the rest of our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review.

Recommended use:

Depending on potency, between 3-6 drops under the tongue. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Extraction process:


Nanocraft CBD coupons review 2021

Nanocraft CBD Review 2021

Based in Canada & sourcing high-grade American hemp, we had high hopes for Nanocraft CBD throughout this review. From the get go, this brand offers a sleek & straightforward experience, mainly thanks to its clean and neat layout. Whilst there is no filter option when searching all products, this isn’t too much of an issue, predominantly due to a minimalist range.

Whilst the range is relatively reduced, the products on offer are clearly of great quality. One unique and cool feature of this brand is their use of “nano-emulsion technology”; theorised to greater improve bioavailability and enhancing efficacy.

This also increases the amount of cannabidiol consumed/absorbed via oral consumption. Whilst much research remains, there are reports that tinctures undergoing this process often offer greater results than their counterparts. Their team stock an extensive range of CBD alternatives; from drops, softgels, topicals, powders, waters and more.

We were especially fond of the roll on, which acted as both an anti-perspirant and an effective way to dose & re-dose. If you have any friends who frequently forget to stay fresh, this could very well be the one for them. Feel free to continue reading our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review for our thoughts on their oil/tincture range.

Nanocraft CBD coupons review 2021

Nanocraft CBD Oil

Whilst selection is a little sparse, their range of CBD oil drops contains good balance of day & night time tinctures. For example, their “day time” tincture is infused with caffeine, whereas their “night time” option contains added melatonin.

As expected, the overall quality of each product is outstanding, which some may feel is reflected a little in the price tag. One such specimen is their “Gold Series”, containing additional cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients, all adding to the “entourage effect“.

Furthermore, these “Gold Series” tinctures often contain higher potency extract, whilst still maintaining under 0.03% THC content. Tinctures have fast become a favourite formula, allowing users to quickly, easily & precisely re-dose on the move; although still not as portable as some other methods such as topical sprays & creams.

Rest assured, all of these tinctures undergo third-party lab testing, with unbiased results available to the public. This transparency greatly increases customer trust, alongside helps us get a better idea of quality.

Nanocraft CBD tinctures coupons review 2021

Review of Nanocraft CBD Capsules / Edibles

Moving on to our review of Nanocraft CBD’s softgel range. These softgels come in a variety of sizes, potencies & price tags, from 25mg curcumin infused capsules to their “ultimate CBD bundle”. To begin, softgel/capsules are an incredibly convenient way to ensure an accurate, consistent dose each time.

Alongside this, they are also highly portable, allowing for easy redosing wherever you go. Whether you want to pop a couple in the morning to help you wake up or in the evening to send you to sleep; their range contains the best of both worlds.

In fact, Nanocraft CBD take delight in infusing an array of awesome additions, such as their “immune boost” variant. These contain dry yeast fermentate, which is clinically shown to assist with immunity & gastrointestinal discomfort.

Their team state that within two hours, active ingredients within the capsules assist with boosting “natural killer cells” & blocking pathogens from passing the mucus membrane; essentially fortifying your defences. Learn about their topical items in the rest of our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review below.

Review of Nanocraft CBD Topicals

Moving our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review onto their topical range. Such topicals are designed for direct application, essentially absorbing through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Much like the rest of their range, the overall quality of each topical is great, with their team aiming to incorporate their “cannabidiol-rich formula” into this range. Much like every other product, lab reports remain available for any clarification or further specification. Whilst a little limited, their range should contain something for most users.

Take your pick from cooling CBD sports cream to roll-on antiperspirant gel. Relieve muscle tension and joint pain with their CBD roll-on stick, love your lips a little with some natural cannabidiol infused beeswax lip balm. The potency for this range varies between 500mg, 250mg & 25mg, with a “muscle and joint” bundle available.

We feel that no matter your requirements, you’ll find a use for this remarkable range. Discover their selection of CBD topicals here, or continue reading our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review for more information on their CBD water.

best cbd topicals coupons review

Review of Nanocraft CBD Water

One of their more fascinating ranges, Nanocraft CBD’s water utilises the same nanotechnology referenced earlier; essentially infusing water with CBD, offered in two flavours. Take your pick from cucumber kiwi & black cherry, each containing 10mg of CBD content with added B-12 & electrolytes. Whilst suitably strong for the price tag, we were still couldn’t wrap our head around paying so much for water.

Most at our team here show great hesitancy to buy bottled water & think Smartwater is over-rated and over-priced; so purchasing from this range felt highly counter-intuitive. However, its clear that these products are potent enough to earn that price tag and should be seen less as a refreshment and more of a medicine. View their full range of CBD water now, or continue reading our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review conclusion & Black Friday speculation.

best nanocraft CBD water review 2021

Where can I buy Nanocraft CBD products?

Whilst we found a few redistributors, users can purchase these products from Nanocraft’s own website. From what we’ve gathered, this brand mainly ships within the US and North America. Customers who order over $75 will enjoy free shipping within this region.

All purchases also include a 30 day guarantee, allowing customers to return their purchase for a refund, provided it remains unused/undamaged. Click now & view the Nanocraft CBD range with your own eyes. Alternatively, continue reading for our closing conclusion & coupons/promo code section.


To conclude our Nanocraft CBD review, its clear that their team have their sights set on going above and beyond; hoping to create a range of top-tier products and a trustworthy brand. Evidenced by their remarkable range & third-party lab reports, its clear that they’re well on their way to achieving this. Furthermore the nano-emulsion technology utilised is incredibly innovative, allowing for some truly creative product lines, such as their CBD water.

Whilst the prices are a little expensive for some, we believe them well worth the money for both casual and committed cannabidiol users alike. The diversity of their ranges is another clear improvement on other brands, who often all offer the same selection.

All in all, we certainly recommend checking out their range for yourself. Continue reading & learn about restrictions & availability, alongside some of the best Nanocraft CBD coupons, discount and promo codes for 2021; including up to 20% off your purchase.

Restrictions and availability

From what we’ve gathered, Nanocraft CBD ship only within US/Americas. Those living within this region will enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75, with a 30-day return policy for those wishing for a refund. Whilst they ship to all states, we still recommend double checking the local laws and regulations for your region, as cannabidiol remains illegal in some areas.

Discover the rest of our CBD reviews and learn more about a number of brilliant brands. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the biggest Nanocraft coupons & promo codes.

Nanocraft CBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Next up, our Nanocraft CBD coupons & promo code section, containing a selection of 2021 discounts. We hope to help our readers get the best value for money, no matter the time of year; so keep reading for some great deals and up to 25% off.

However, those with seasonal sales in mind, continue reading for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 section below. Please note, our team always attempt to keep this section updated, however some will eventually expire. Found a deal we may have missed? Leave us a comment and we’ll verify it!

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Nanocraft CBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

After a spectacular Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales season last year, we saw a number of big brands offer discounts. Nanocraft CBD’s Black Friday sale was no different, with coupons ranging from 30%, 45% and over 50% off; even extending to Cyber Monday. This is all very exciting stuff, considering the fair product pricing already demonstrated from this brand.

However, Black Friday 2021 is nearly a whole year away. As such, please check back here closer to the date, as it’s most likely that the seasonal savings & discounts will return. Thanks for reading our 2021 Nanocraft CBD review, please leave us a comment if you have any questions!