CBD Armour Coupons & Review 2021

CBD armour coupons review 2021
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Fully organic
Fairly priced
Unique products
Good quality products
Responsive support team
Ranges are easy to navigate
Majority of range is THC free
Sparse selections
No published lab reports
UK/Europe based delivery only
Return policy a little stricter than some competitors

Key Specs

Potency range:

750 – 3000mg

Price range:

£19.99 -£110

Medical benefits:

Whilst many have reported therapeutic affects such as better sleep & pain relief, these products still remain unapproved by the FDA.

CBD Armour Overview

Welcome to our CBD Armour review for 2021, a fairly humble UK CBD shop; cited as the UK’s leading oil brand. Their team state that they take wellness of the mind and body very seriously, further ensuring all of their products are organic and natural.

As such, customers can expect no use of alcohol, preservatives, pesticides and other chemicals in any of these products. Rest assured, this brand insists that all of their products are 100% legal, compliant and safe.

However, we still recommend our readers to check their local laws & regulations, as CBD remains illegal in some regions. Whilst their range is a little reduced, what they do offer is done well & with a great level of quality control. Their “vegan protein” was an especially interesting addition and one we can’t wait to test out.

Whilst we’ve seen mixed reviews regarding this brand, we believe our experience to be positive overall. Discover more about this brand, their team & products in the rest of our CBD armour review for 2021; or jump straight to our coupons section below.

Recommended use:

Follow labelled instructions. Depending on weight, potency and requirement; for tinctures, between 3-6 drops under the tongue & hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. We always recommend new users discover their tolerance first.

Extraction process:


CBD armour coupons review 2021

CBD Armour Review 2021

When we saw the name of this brand, we knew we had to put them to the test. Founded in 2017, their team kept their heads down until expanding into the European market. Their home page states that their aim is to heal people the way “nature intended”, deliver natural/organic products & inspire people to stay healthy.

In fairness, their products are very much organic and of great quality overall; receiving many raving reviews online. The majority of their range is completely THC free, alongside free of any other additives. Those located within the UK will receive free shipping on their order, with shipping costs outside of the UK also very fairly priced.

They have a lot of information on their website, but don’t appear very transparent. We were unable to locate publicly published lab reports, however they do claim that their products undergo third party testing. Whilst cannabidiol likely isn’t taken as seriously in the UK as the US, some transparency is always nice.

Alongside this, their head office is strangely located in Estonia, prompting questions about its authenticity as a “UK CBD company”. Although we know their ingredients and products are of high quality, first time users may not tell the difference.

Continue reading our 2021 CBD Armour review to learn more about the range offered by this brand, starting with tinctures.

CBD Armour Oil

Switching to our review of CBD Armour oil, which we certainly satisfied with. Users can pick from 3 variants, RAW original, “Cool Fresh” and their “Silver” variant; each available in sizes between 1000-3000mg and containing 10% cannabidiol content. Their team utilise CO2 extraction, one of the best methods for guaranteeing the best bioavailability & quality.

We’re not sure whether the range was reduced at the time of writing, or if they are awaiting on restock. It’s clear that this brand place great emphasis on organic & natural aesthetic, yet maintaining sleek and modern packaging. Their full-spectrum “Silver” is the flagship product, keeping as natural as possible & made “the way nature intended”.

However, we were expecting a little more than 3 tincture options, especially when it’s described as a “comprehensive range”. Each option comes in a choice of sizes, ranging from 1000-3000mg, containing 10-30ml cannabidiol. However, we also saw reference to their 10,000mg “Diamond CBD oil”, although we were unable to find this anywhere on their website. There aren’t many UK based CBD companies around, so we assume most users aren’t spoiled for choice.

Whilst an extended & truly comprehensive range would be nice, we were pretty happy with the tinctures they do stock. Their “raw” tincture is actually a remaster of their original formula, redefined by lab scientists for the purest results. Whilst not the tastiest tincture in their range, it certainly got the job done. Discover their whole tincture range here, or continue reading for our review of CBD Armour edibles/vegan protein.

CBD Armour Oil coupons review 2021

CBD Armour Edibles / Vegan Protein

Moving on to our review of CBD Armour “vegan protein”, currently the only product listed in their range of edibles. Although the range overall is sparse & barren, we were really excited to test out this vegan protein; predominantly as hemp protein is a product we’ve never seen before. It would appear that hemp-based protein powders have started taking the world by storm.

Funnily enough, hemp seed contains one of the most complete & nutritious protein sources currently available, further boasting a complete amino acid profile. Worth noting is the price of their own brand hemp powder, which is actually very competitive at just £19.99.

Alongside this, this vegan hemp protein also contains a great amount of Omega 3/6 and other fibres. Whilst their team insist that THC levels remain below 0.2%, we were unable to find any reference of CBD content. As such, we believe this more of a morning appetiser than therapeutic medicine.

However as previously mentioned, this hemp powder contains a bounty of beneficial ingredients; alongside remaining gluten-free, non-GM, soya/lactose free and fully vegan. View their CBD vegan hemp protein for yourself now, or learn more about their creams & capsules in the rest of our CBD armour review for 2021.

CBD Armour edibles review

Review of CBD Armour Capsules

Much like the rest of their range, all of their CBD capsules undergo third-party lab testing, alongside utilising only organically certified hemp. Unfortunately this range also follows suit in variation, only containing one product; their broad-spectrum 750 mg CBD capsules.

In fairness, these capsules are competitively priced, much like most of their products. Each capsule contains 25mg of cannabidiol content, a great way to consistently dose without measuring it yourself.

Alongside this, these CBD capsules are a highly portable and discreet method of medicating, wherever you go. Again, whilst a bit more variation is always nice, the overall quality of their products are great. Many will be pleased to know that these capsules contain 0% THC yet still packed with triglycerides.

Readers with allergies please note: these capsules contain coconut/Cocos Nucifera oil. See their range of soft gel capsules now, or discover their topical/cosmetics in the rest of our 2021 CBD Armour review.

CBD armour capsules

Review of CBD Armour Topicals / Cosmetics

Finally, our review of CBD Armour cosmetics/topicals; sparsely populated yet still one of their most extensive ranges, currently offering 4 products. We were especially fond of the 15% CBD soap, which whilst a little expensive did wonders for our skin. It acts as both a cleaning agent and moisturiser, whilst also containing no lye or detergent. Their team claim it uses ancient recipes and methods, coupled with modern herbal extraction techniques & traditionally produced in clay ovens; an aspect which we found most appealing.

They also offer 80% CBD skin balm, another awesome addition providing localised care to wherever rubbed on the body. Produced using natural ingredients and fully organic, this balm also aids in moisturising and aiding your skin.

These kinds of topicals are a great alternative for those who don’t like the taste or method of tinctures/oils. Lastly, their “ultimate hair oil” shows great efficacy at aiding dry/damaged hair, both protecting alongside acting as a hair conditioner. As you may have guessed, these hair oils are made from 100% natural organic oils, plant extracts and essential oils; developed to “rejuvenate the scalp and revive the hair root”.

This range left us feeling rather refreshed and offered a great alternative to traditional tinctures. Click now & browse their range of CBD cosmetics, or continue reading our 2021 CBD Armour review for our conclusion & coupon section.

Where can I buy CBD Armour products?

Whilst you may find a number of resellers online, we recommend purchasing directly from their website. Although located within the UK, it appears that this brand ship worldwide and to all continents. However, please note that shipping costs are adjusted to reflect this, with customers within the UK receiving free shipping on all purchases.

Those located elsewhere will benefit from the rest of our brand reviews, or check out our complete directory of CBD companies. In the meantime, feel free to click the banner below and discover CBD Armour for yourself now!


To bring our 2021 CBD Armour review to a close, we believe this brand is fairly priced and one of the few UK based companies; yet not clear of any controversy! We saw some reviews regarding their face masks, with some claims that they increased the price when they became mandated inside public areas. Although not strictly related and 100% proven, these kinds of business practices are worrisome.

However we feel that again, the fair prices of their products and overall quality does more than enough to redeem a few dodgy reviews. Whilst a little more transparency would be nice (perhaps publishing lab reports), we feel that increased variation is among the most important.

Typically, many of their ranges contain only 1-3 products with little variety, so we hope they remedy this in the future. On the other hand, this makes their website extremely easy to navigate and browse, whereas some competitors have huge and near intimidating ranges that take hours to view.

Lastly, they often offer a selection of savings and deals throughout the months, currently offering 15% off to students & apprentices at the time of writing. We believe this brand is a great choice for first timers and regulars alike, offering quality products at a competitive price. Read the rest of our 2021 CBD Armour review for our coupons section & save up to 10% off your order!

Restrictions and availability

As a UK based company, those located within Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland will enjoy free shipping on their order. Furthermore, this brand also ships internationally and seemingly to all major countries & continents.

Their support team is fairly responsive and helpful, although their return policy is stricter than some of their overseas competitors; requiring all items to be returned unused and in its original packaging within 14 days of arrival for a full refund.

We always recommend users double check their laws and regulations to ensure cannabidiol products remain legal in their area. Continue reading our review for some of the best CBD Armour discount codes and coupons for 2021!

cbd armour black friday cyber monday coupons 2021

CBD Armour Discount Codes & Coupons 2021

Those seeking savings and discount codes for CBD Armour, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best coupons, promo codes & discounts this brand has to offer for 2021. As always, we aim to bring the best value for money to our readers & update this section when we can.

Unfortunately at the time of writing, we were only able to to find one active CBD Armour coupon, a 10% off code. We recommend checking back here later, or continue reading for our Black Friday section. Found a deal we may have missed? Leave us a comment and we’ll verify it!

10% off

Enjoy 10% off your purchase using this coupon code at checkout
10% off

CBD Armour Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Moving on to the unofficial conclusion of our 2021 CBD Armour review with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday section. Historically Black Friday & Cyber Monday have been North American holidays, however in recent years these days have become a global event. Therefore, we’ve composed a selection of seasonal savings and holiday deals surrounding Black Friday and the November season.

Last year, we saw discounts ranging from 20% to even up to 50% off selected products, some great discounts on some top quality products. However, we cannot confirm this brand’s involvement for 2021, so keep those fingers crossed this year and check back closer to the date!

Thank you for reading our CBD Armour review for 2021, if you think we’ve missed something or still have a question, please leave us a comment.