Nirvana CBD Coupons & Review 2021

Nirvana CBD review 2021
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Easy to navigate website
Fairly priced products
Great selection of flavours on offer
0.0% THC content
Publicly available third-party lab reports
30-day refund policy
A number of operational coupons & discounts
Only operate within US/NA
Conventional selection

Key Specs

Potency range:

25 – 1000 mg

Price range:

$4.95 – $235.89

Medical benefits:

Currently not tested by FDA.

Nirvana CBD Overview

Nirvana CBD was founded in 2017, aiming to settle for nothing but the best; with an emphasis on “honest core values”. Throughout the years, this brand’s operation has expanded, reaching out to many across the world.

Their team state that they aim to give people the ability to choose alternative therapy, believing CBD to maintain the healthiest state of wellness. Much like many other companies, Nirvana CBD is all 0.0% THC content. This brand are one of the few to go above and beyond, delivering truly pure Cannabidiol to their customers.

As a result, these products remain legal in all 50 states of America. Typically, many companies settle for the 0.03% THC threshold. Alongside this, their team also publish a number of third party lab reports; further guaranteeing authenticity and legitimacy.

All of their products are manufactured in California & grown in Colorado/Oregon, in sustainable farms. The team behind this brand clearly operate with great respect for both their customers & industry. So without further delay, lets being our Nirvana CBD review for 2021!

Recommended use:

For tinctures:
Depending on potency, between 3-6 drops under the tongue. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

For gummies:
Each contain 25 mg, so between 3-6 gummies depending on tolerance.

Extraction process:


Nirvana CBD review 2021

Nirvana CBD Review 2021

To begin our Nirvana CBD review for 2021, we started by looking through their selection. Although stocking a somewhat standard range, the products featured are clearly of great quality. Their team focus on both full & broad spectrum types, incorporating these extracts into a number of their products.

The versatility in regards to potency offered is also another plus, with their CBD shots containing as little as 33 mg. These make for great taste tests or highly portable redosing for those on the move.

Users can choose from CBD oil, topicals, gummies, shots & soft gels, with a few “bundles” also available. However as a US based company, it appears that they do not ship outside of North America. Although, those within the US can enjoy free shipping on orders over $50.

Furthermore, users can easily verify legitimacy of their products, thanks to their publicly published third-party lab reports; guaranteeing an unbiased verdict of quality. Continue reading our 2021 Nirvana CBD review & learn more about their range.

Nirvana coupons review 2021

Nirvana CBD Oils & Shots

The team behind these terrific tinctures state that they’re “proudly made in the US”, utilising top quality broad spectrum cannabidiol; alongside also containing 0.0% THC, one of the only companies to offer this purity.

The volumes of these oils vary between 500-1000 mg droppers and 33mg CBD shots, perfect for those on the move. These shots also offer users a cheap taste test, acting as a sample over a rapid redose for some.

These tinctures come in a selection of flavours, including vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit & strawberry. Although taste is subjective, we were especially fond of the vanilla/peppermint flavours. These 500-1000mg options are typically priced between $39.99-$69.99, however Nirvana are known to offer some great discounts from time to time. Whilst we would always appreciate a few more flavours and size options, we were very happy with the overall quality and design. Check out their full tincture range now!Nirvana oil tincture review

Review of Nirvana CBD Topicals

Moving on to our review of the Nirvana CBD topical range, which in fairness contains a handful of interesting items. Users can choose from 150mg/30ml cannabidiol infused roll-on; perfect for perspiration whilst also aiding in relaxation.

Another high utility topical offered is their CBD muscle recovery lotion, available in 600mg/100ml. Cannabidiol is proven to relax muscles and aid in stress reduction, perfect for athletes & couch potatoes alike. There are also many cases of cannabidiol being used to treat those with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s.

These topicals effectively allow treatment of a localised area, with other secondary effects such as stress/pain relief. Alongside cannabidiol products, Nirvana also stock their own patented muscle roller; designed to relieve aches, pains and muscle/joint stiffness with the use of any drugs.

Their team claim it alleviates myofascial tenderness, improving conditions from fibromyalgia to arthritis. Whilst we didn’t test out these muscle rollers, we don’t doubt their effectiveness. Discover their full range of CBD topicals here.

CBD roll on topical

Review of Nirvana CBD Gummies

Moving our Nirvana CBD review onto their gummies range, of which contains 3 choices of varying size. Choose from a 125mg 5-pack of broad spectrum CBD gummies, or opt for the cheaper 25mg single pack. Alternatively, users can stock up with a 500mg tub of Nirvana’s CBD gummies. In terms of flavour, these fruity gummies taste fantastic; forged from pectin, light corn syrup, sugar water & natural flavouring/colourings.

These fruity flavours feature pineapple, grape, green apple, watermelon & mixed berries, a true fruit salad. Each gummy contains approx. 25 mg of Cannabidiol content, allowing for easy and precise dosing. Whilst the range is small, what they offer is done right.

We’ve seen many brands offering edibles & gummies with seemingly random potencies, so it’s always nice to see precise measurements. Learn about their soft gels in the rest of our 2021 Nirvana CBD review below.

Nirvana CBD gummies review

Review of Nirvana CBD Capsules / Soft Gels

CBD capsules have fast become one of the most mobile and convenient form of ingestion; offering a simple yet highly effective solution and much easier dosage measurements. Forget about measuring millilitres, each capsule contains consistent levels of cannabidiol. These CBD soft gel capsules vary in potency, ranging from 2ct to 30 ct per dose. Users can also select a number of sizes, from 750mg pots to 50 mg bags.

It appears Nirvana focus on a distinct aspect of life for each of their 3 variants, with users choosing from their sleep, natural or recovery range; each infused with ingredients to better aid user needs. The prices for these soft shells vary from $5.99 to $62.49; however at the time of writing, Nirvana currently offer discounts on both sleep & natural variants. Those seeking savings should jump to our coupons & promo codes section below for up to 20% off!

cannabidiol companies

Where can I buy Nirvana CBD products?

Click now to discover the complete Nirvana CBD range for yourself. Feel free to view their selection of gummies, topicals, tinctures and more with your own eyes. Whilst their range is a little sparse, everything they stock is clearly of top quality. Users should have no issues navigating their store, with each category sporting a very clean layout.

Customers within the US can enjoy free shipping on orders over $50, alongside a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Provided these products are unused, customers can easily return for a full refund. However, we still recommend sampling smaller products such as shots; helping ensure you like the flavour/product before buying in bulk.


In conclusion, we were left feeling fairly refreshed from our experience with Nirvana CBD. Browsing products was straightforward and easy, with no 1000+ product ranges to scroll through. Whilst a little expansion of these ranges or some new flavours would be nice, we have no real complaints. The fact that they also offer 0.0% THC content in all of their products is pretty impressive and quite a rare sight.

What they offer is clearly well made, with their team maintaining integrity and high level of quality control. Furthermore, they also offer a number of flash sales/discounts & bundles, perfect for cost-effective cannabidiol users.

We even have our own exclusive code for our readers, check out our coupon section below for up to 20% off. As always, thanks for reading our Nirvana CBD review for 2021, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries!

Restrictions and availability

From what we’ve gathered, Nirvana CBD only ship within the US/North America. Users within this region can enjoy free shipping on orders over $50, alongside a fairly responsive support team. However, we still insist that you check your region & ensure such products remain legal within your area. Customers can also enjoy a full 30-day refund policy for any product, provided they remain unused.

Discover the rest of our CBD reviews and learn more about a number of brilliant brands. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the biggest Nirvana CBD coupons & promo codes.

Nirvana CBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Switching our 2021 Nirvana CBD review onto coupons & promo codes. All coupons on our list focus on offering the best value for money, all active & fully functional. Enjoy discounts of up to 20% off using these exclusive coupon codes below; or check out our Black Friday section for even more discounts & savings. Our team will always attempt to keep this section current, however please note that some will eventually expire.

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Nirvana CBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Last year, we saw a number of deals & discounts offered from Nirvana CBD regarding Black Friday 2020. Such savings included 35% off sitewide, 10-20% off coupons and much more; allowing keen customers to pick up a brilliant deal. Whether or not their team will continue this tradition next year remains a mystery, however we believe it very likely.

Much like always, please check back closer to the date; Nirvana will likely offer savings and coupons on a number of their products come Black Friday 2021. Thanks for reading our Nirvana CBD review for 2021, we hope we answered any questions you have surrounding this brand.