HempLand USA Coupons & Review 2021

HempLand USA coupon review 2021
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Key Specs

Potency range:

500 – 5000 mg

Price range:

$59.95 – $149.95

Medical benefits:

Whilst not approved by the FDA, cannabidiol is shown to support daily body functions and aiding in better health.

HempLand USA Overview

Before starting our 2021 HempLand USA review, lets briefly cover a bit about this brand. For starters, HempLand take a very obvious “Made in the USA” angle; taking great pride and effort in maintaining a high level of quality control. They claim to have a terrific team of expert growers & scientists behind them, aiding in making their vision a reality.

As such, its no surprise that they grow all of their own industrial hemp & manufacture their CBD oils using a state of the art GMP facility. As expected, their cannabidiol product line focuses on quality ingredients & a highly professional process.

Their branded blend of full-spectrum cannabidiol/hemp seed oil is called Cannabitol & is one of their flagship products. These tinctures are offered as both full-spectrum & THC-free, ranging from $60-$150+. So with a few basics out of the way, lets begin the rest of our HempLand USA review. Alternatively, go straight to our coupon section a grab a great deal.


Hemp seed oil, olive oil, natural flavourings, honey, MCT oil.

Recommended use:

For standard strength, approx. 6 drops per day, increase if required. Keep under tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Extraction process:


HempLand USA CBD review 2021

HempLand USA Review 2021

Starting off our 2021 HempLand USA review with a little about the company. Founded in 2014 with over 35 years of experience in the nutritional supplement industry; the team behind this store certainly have the expertise. They claim to aim in creating the world’s finest CBD-rich hemp oil to benefit everyone.

The team also attempt to give back, offering a few veterans discounts & “the happiness project“. They offer a fairly broad range yet a limited product choice, choosing to mostly stock their own branded products. Of course, these branded products are of premium quality & certainly a top-tier recipe.

Review of HempLand USA CBD Oils

As previously mentioned, Cannabitiol tinctures are their flagship product; featuring a number of sizes, potencies and types. In fact, they’ve recently brought out a new range of these tinctures, with early reviewers calling it “super CBD”. This new and improved Cannabitol can contain up to 66.7mg per 1ml serving, depending on what you pick.

However, in terms of the rest of their range, it would appear that Cannabitol is the only type of tincture they stock. Whilst this is fine for those seeking top quality tinctures, it still leaves quite a big gap in products. Those looking for a few fantastic flavours for their cannabidiol will have to check out the edibles category.

Their ECS5 full-spectrum tincture combined with their proprietary blend of CO2 extracted oils results in a brilliant blend; virtually supercharging the cannabidiol and effecting the endocannbinoid system solo. Transparency is another virtue that HempLand meet, with a variety of third-party lab reports published and available for viewing.

View the full HempLand CBD oil range here, or continue reading our review for more information on their edibles.

HempLand CBD oil review

Review of HempLand USA Edibles

The HempLand team also offer an additional edibles category. However, this category is significantly lacking on choice, with users only able to select one jar of 25 mg CBD gummies. Natural fruit extracts are used to flavour these gummies, following their organic & natural philosophy.

We felt that a slightly larger selection would have been nice, especially for a few other categories too. Typically, vendors offer a variety of edibles such as gummies, chocolate, drinks and more. Feel free to check out their CBD gummies here.

Hempland USA black friday cyber monday 2021

Other HempLand USA Products

Whilst stocking a variety of terrific tinctures & gummies, they also stock a number of topicals, gels, soaks & more. In regards to tinctures, users can easily browse between THC-free, full-spectrum & enhanced ECS5 oils. Their topical CBD range contains theraputic & restorative cream, available in a variety of sizes.

Much like the rest of their ranges, these products are from their own brand, aiding in consistency. Interestingly enough, they also have a “K9” range, containing a 350mg tincture designed for dogs. Those seeking savings should check out their sale section, offering a number of discounts on quality tinctures.

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Where can I buy HempLand USA products?

Users can easily purchase products from their own website here. However, please note that this company choose to stay domestic, shipping predominantly in North America & to all US states.


HempLand USA offer a variety of premium-quality products from their own brand. However, due to this, their range is relatively small and lacking in some sections. The oils offered are of premium content and clearly organically produced with a high standard of quality control.

Due to this, they typically don’t offer smaller sized tinctures/gummies/etc, instead starting at the mid-range. This is fine for most, however those looking for something small or dirt cheap are unlikely to find it. That said, the quality offered for the price is more than fair for a top-tier tincture. So, those residing in North America should have a great time sampling these solutions. Feel free to check out their range here.

Restrictions and availability

We always recommend checking the local laws for your region and ensuring these products remain legal. Currently, HempLand only ship within the United States, offering delivery to all states.

Feel free to check out the rest of our CBD reviews for more information on these brands and how they can help you. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the hottest HempLand USA coupons & promo codes.

HempLand USA Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Moving our 2021 HempLand USA review onto our coupon & promo code section. Savings-seekers and cost-effective CBD connoisseurs will enjoy our coupon section. We’ve compiled a list of potential HempLand USA coupons & promo codes for 2021; helping to pass the savings on to our readers.

We’ve found a variety of previous discounts & deals over the years, with some offering 25% off and others even up to 50%. Currently in their sale section, they’re offering over half price for selected products. Furthermore, at the time of writing they currently offer 25% off sitewide for Halloween. We recommend checking out their sale section for yourself and getting a great deal.

Check back often & ensure you never miss a deal. We believe that 4/20 is one of the best times of year to score a deal from most cannabidiol brands. Feel free to enjoy the savings for yourself & use the HempLand USA coupons below on your next order; or check out our Black Friday section below for even more. Our team will always attempt to keep this section current, however please note that some will eventually expire.

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HempLand USA Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Savings-conscious cannabidiol lovers likely look forward to some huge HempLand USA Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021 deals & discounts this year. Thankfully, we’ve found a number of indicators pointing towards HempLand USA Black Friday involvement; mostly due to offering a number of deals throughout the past.

A key indicator is their Black Friday/Cyber Monday page on their own website; detailing how they’re planning the biggest sale event of the year, with a “buy more, save more” exclusive. Further featuring discounts of up to 50% off and free shipping. As such, we definitely recommend returning closer to the date for some of the best CBD Black Friday deals this 2021.