Diamond CBD Coupons & Review 2021

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Diamond CBD Key Specs

Potency range:

10 – 3500 mg

Price range:

$4.39 – $639.99

Medical benefits:

Whilst not approved by the FDA, CBD oil supports daily body functions and aiding in better health.

Diamond CBD Overview

Beginning our Diamond CBD review for 2021 with a quick overview; owned by PotNetwork Holdings; a holding company dedicated to the research, development & distribution of premium hemp extracts. This company is responsible for many brilliant brands such as Biotech, Chill Plus Gummies, Relax Liquid and more. All of their CBD products are sourced from sustainable Kentucky, Colorado & even Scandinavian farms.

Alongside this, they publish third-party lab results on their website whilst also testing for all raw materials used. Feel free to check out the Diamond CBD lab reports for yourself. Their range contains a broad variety of oils, edibles, creams, drinks, vape juice, topicals, smokables and much more. Consumers can return all products within 15 days, provided they remain unopened.


Hemp seed oil, olive oil, natural flavourings, honey, MCT oil, vegetable glycerine.

Recommended use:

For standard strength, approx. 6 drops per day, increase if required. Keep under tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Extraction process:

Supercritical CO2

Diamond CBD review 2020

Diamond CBD Review 2021

To start off our 2021 Diamond CBD review, they offer a remarkable range of products to peruse; with just a few mentioned above in our overview. With over 40 pages of products offered, you’re sure to find something to match your requirements. One handy range offered is the “Daily Boost”, a small quantity of CBD in a syringe that marks out your liquid usage; acting as a test or sampler.

These syringes are filled with a variety of oils, from such as Sour Kush & Sour Diesel. In terms of value for money, Daily Boost is a little costly when considering dollar per mg. However, the convenience of readily available and easily transportable oils makes them a great choice for those travelling. View their full range now, or continue reading our Diamond CBD review for more.

Review of Diamond CBD Oils

Diamond CBD’s main oil options include Relax Full-Spectrum, Delta-8, Chong’s Choice & a variety of many other tinctures; further featuring a number of fantastic flavours. Similarly to most tinctures, each bottle also includes a dropper. Simply place a few drops under your tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. Thanks to their broad range, users have a variety of potencies & sizes to pick from, ranging from 25-3500mg.

Chong’s Choice was an excellent example of one of their higher-end products. The bottle itself is brilliantly designed, however the treasure within is premium CBD oil, made from the highest quality hemp available. Both the full-spectrum honey & watermelon CBD oils offered a tantalising taste that almost had us drinking it like water.

Much like the majority of their products, all of these oils contain less than 0.3% THC content. Those seeking a more natural taste are also accommodated; with an array of awesome unflavoured hemp oils with a selection of sizes. Lastly, their full-spectrum MCT oil must be one of the most efficient methods of consumption; with the fatty MCT oils acting as a cannabinoid ‘carrier’ and consequently ensuring greater bioavailability.

View the complete range of Diamond CBD oils/tinctures now, or learn more about this brand’s edible range below.

Diamond CBD oil review

Review of Diamond CBD Edibles

As previously mentioned, Diamond CBD offer over 3 pages of edibles to choose from. We were particularly fond of the Chill Plus Watermelon CBD gummies; however the Yum Yum CBD gummy bears take first place in both taste & potency. Not only do they taste great, they’re also a fast and highly mobile way to re-dose wherever you go. Like all their products, all cannabidiol content is sourced from organic, GMO-free hemp plants.

Unlike most meticulously calculated cannabidiol edibles, there isn’t a set amount of CBD content per gummy. For example, the 1500mg container states there are “about 20” servings per 6 pieces. This results in approx. 120 gummies with each containing around 12.5 mg of cannabidiol content.

Whilst it’s nice to have a precise statistic, it’s a minor inconvenience. Diamond also offer “Chill Plus Gummies”, which offer greater potency and strength; however again there is not set CBD per gummy dosage. Using the 200mg as an example, which states 7 servings of 2 pieces resulting in 14mg per gummy.

The team also seem to enjoy offering a variety of deals, currently giving customers up to 55% off many edibles. Alongside their own products, Diamond CBD also offer a variety of other brands in their range, as demonstrated by Chong’s Choice oil. View their complete range of edibles now.

Other Products

Thanks to stocking a variety of brands, Diamond CBD have a huge range to offer. These brands include Meds Biotech, MediPets, Chill, Relax & more. At the time of writing, all Meds Biotech products are currently 55% off.

They’ve also included a special range of premium products, as demonstrated with Chong’s Choice. However, they also stock a number of premium topical brands; including NFL star Lawrence Taylor’s ‘Pain Master’ CBD cream.

CBD bath bombs are also another intriguing addition, with their own containing 100mg of CBD and available in a number of variants; from cotton candy, citrus and snow drops to white gardenia and more. We were further intrigued by their range of CBD drinks, with Diamond offering their own “Double Shot”, containing 350mg in 1ml.

Worth noting, this 1ml is derived from a 350mg bottle; as such, users should expect approx. 12 mg of cannabidiol per 1ml shot. Alongside those, they also offer “4-6 hours of relaxation” in the form of a 60ml grape flavoured shot.

Tea & coffee lovers can also enjoy this drink range, with an assortment of Chill CBD tea and coffee packs. Diamond’s extensive range even expands to CBD for Pets, offering a number of tasty treats for cats & dogs from big to small.

Where can I buy Diamond CBD products?

As expected, users can purchase Diamond CBD products from their own website here. However, we recommend either having a clear idea of what you’re looking for, using a search filter or both; due to a remarkable range offering over 40 pages of products.

Customers receive standard shipping on all orders over $100, shipping to all US states & offering free returns on unopened items with 15 days; excluding vaping products. Feel free to check out their website.

Diamond CBD black friday cyber monday 2020


This company are clearly on their way to becoming a top brand in the cannabidiol market. They had a shaky start, with some concerns regarding THC levels and testing in 2017-18. However, they’ve clearly managed to turn things around, offering a variety of brilliant brands, top products & published third-party lab reports.

This extensive range should cover the needs of almost anyone who visits their website; with so many tinctures, topicals & other methods to choose from. Of course, there are plenty of cheap CBD alternatives, however its clear that Diamond don’t slack on quality. Rest assured that all of their cannabidiol is sourced from top-quality hemp farms.

Restrictions and availability

We always recommend checking the local laws for your region and ensuring these products remain legal. Currently, Diamond only ship within the United States, offering delivery to all states. Discover their full range for yourself now.

Feel free to check out the rest of our CBD reviews for more information on these brands and how they can help you. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the hottest Hempura coupons & promo codes.

Diamond CBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Moving our 2021 Diamond CBD review onto our coupon & promo code section. Much to the delight of all our readers, we’ve compiled a list of Diamond CBD coupons & promo codes for 2021. With a little digging, we found evidence regarding Diamond CBD coupons & deals throughout the years, including 20% off, 10% off sitewide and even 30% off some products.

We recommend consistently checking back to this section & ensuring you never miss a deal. Feel free to enjoy the savings for yourself & use the Diamond CBD coupons below on your next order; or check out our Black Friday section below for even more. Our team will always attempt to keep this section current, however please note that some of these may eventually expire.

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Diamond CBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

Savings-conscious readers will likely look forward to some Diamond CBD Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021 deals & discounts this year. Thankfully, we’ve found evidence of Diamond CBD Black Friday involvement, offering a number of deals throughout the past.

Whilst their official website makes no mention of Black Friday, we did find a number of savings on other websites. Some of these were even offering discounts of up to 80% off for some products. We further found a Diamond Cyber Monday sale last year, offering a huge host of deals sitewide.

As such, we recommend checking back here closer to the date for a chance of some delightful deals. We always try our best to update these reviews with relevant Black Friday coupons & discount codes; please let us know if we’ve missed anything. Until then, feel free to use the coupons above!