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CBD Luxe Key Specs

Potency range:

200 – 1100mg

Price range:

$15.99 – $79.99

Medical benefits:

Currently not reviewed by FDA.

CBD Luxe Coupons Review 2021


CBD Luxe cite themselves as a highly innovated company, on a mission to maintain pharmacological standards & delivering the highest quality cannabidiol products to the public. Prior to establishing this brilliant brand, former professional snowboarded William Spilo broke his back at 25; undergoing reconstructive surgery on both his shoulders.

After recovering from the operation, he found himself still suffering from chronic pain. Spilo was previously using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which are strongly opposed by the FDA. This is due to an inherent side effect of increasing risk to strokes & heart attacks.

After this, Spilo dabbled in cannabidiol in an attempt to soothe the pain; going on to discover the theraputic uses & benefits of these outstanding oils. After establishing CBD Luxe, he entered a partnership with B.E. Labs, improving on both products & production scale.

Spilo, alongside several other athletes are advocating the use of medicinal CBD; including a notable character named Rob Gronkowski, an NFL all-star & outspoken advocate for medicinal cannabidiol. CBD Luxe offer all sorts of awesome tinctures, topicals, inhalers & other ingestion methods. Learn all about them below, or jump straight to our coupon section and enjoy a great deal.


Organic, full-spectrum hemp extract

Recommended use:

Approx. 6 drops per day, increase if required.

Extraction process:

CO2 extraction

CBD Luxe Review 2021

As you may have learnt in our overview, CBD Luxe love to innovate, offering a refreshing perspective into cannabidiol treatment. For starters, using nano-particulated oils, Luxe were able to release a CBD inhaler, perfect for highly mobile use.

These inhalers offer one of the fastest & easiest delivery systems, going directly to the lungs. The team behind these innovations also take pride in publishing third-party lab reports, for all their products. This transparency should give extra peace of mind, knowing that they have nothing to hide, what you see is what you get.

Alongside this, many of their tincture come in a variety of fantastic flavours; from mint, spearmint lemon, green tea/honey and more. To find such a selection is rather rare for conventional cannabidiol sites, who often stick to traditional tinctures and methods. Luxe use non-GMO ingredients & utilise professional Colorado farmers to source their hemp. Much like all cannabidiol products, these tinctures contain trace amounts (<0.03%) of THC content.

Those living within the US can utilise & enjoy completely free shipping, to any state. However, those outside the states can still join in on the fun, with these products shipping worldwide & to every continent. Customers will also enjoy friendly & responsive support service, should they have any issues.

In all fairness, the goal of this company is remarkably noble, operating in the hopes to replace harmful NSAIDs for those suffering physical injuries; alongside their therapeutic benefits and more. CBD Luxe offer one of the most diverse ranges we’ve seen, with a number of cannabidiol tinctures & variants available. View their full range now, or discover all about their oils, inhalers, creams & below.

CBD Oil reviews

Review of CBD Oils

Surprisingly enough, CBD Luxe don’t actually sell standalone oil; instead stocking a variety of compounds like topicals, vape juice, etc. As such, users will not find traditional tinctures here, however will discover a range of remarkably high quality products. This includes cannabidiol infused hand sanitiser, sprays, salves, massage oil and more.

Review of CBD Inhaler

We believe Luxe’s CBD inhaler their real flagship product & a format we rarely see. Designed for disposability, these 1100mg inhalers offer up to 200 puffs & a highly portable, lightweight option. Users can easily throw away their empty inhalers as it remains suitable for waste disposal.

In terms of taste, these inhalers obviously take gold. Indulge in a splash of green tea & honey or some spearmint lemon. Such terrific tastes are rarely offered in cannabidiol products, so this came as a pleasant surprise. However, they could do with a few more size & potency choices, with all inhalers sitting at 1100mg. See their inhaler range now, or learn more about this brand below.

Review of CBD Oil Vape Pens

Moving on our CBD Luxe review to their brilliant vape pens, also designed with disposability in mind. People vape for a variety of reasons, from health to portability & convenience. Vaping is one of the fastest ways to intake cannabidiol, with users feeling effects near instantly.

Designed for use just like standard vapes, they’re designed to offer approx. 500 puffs with 200mg CBD content & completely disposable. Cleaning vape pens can result in a boring & frustrating process, clogging over time and losing effectiveness. As such, users will have no trouble finding a suitable bin to throw their empty vape away & cutting out any clean up time.

At $31.99, we believed this product to offer decent value for money & certainly brings its benefits. When we gave this to a friend suffering from anxiety & chronic pain, he noticed an improvement in energy levels, pain reduction & mental acuity. Browse their CBD vape pens here, or continue reading for more information on their topical range.

CBD Luxe Topicals

Moving this CBD Luxe review unto their terrific topical range. These include salves, cooling sticks, balms, massage oils and more; with Luxe offering a variety of thes CBD topicals from each of these categories. These topicals are all suitable for skin application whilst still providing all the same benefits; such as exfoliation, moisturising, etc.

However, users may enjoy additional benefits in treating skin or application directly to afflicted areas for localised impact. For example, those suffering from knee joint pain can apply these topicals directly to their knee, concentrating on the inflamed area.

Luxe have formulated a sensational salve range, utilising Chinese herbs within the CBD salve; with both bringing out the most in each other. Their team were only happy to incorporate ancient knowledge regarding these salves, drawing herbal combinations from the “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic” (150 BCE). History lovers will certainly appreciate this fact, as they apply thousands of years of knowledge & culture to their face.

They’re also completely free from greasy residue whilst hydrating skin on contact. Potencies of these products vary between 1000mg sprays & 300mg face creams; both of which offer their own benefits. Their CBD massage oils are a great way to ingest cannabidiol and soothe the skin; it’s also a good excuse to get someone to give you a free massage, too. Discover their range of topicals now, or keep reading for our Luxe coupons section.

CBD Luxe Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021

Where can I buy CBD Luxe products?

Users can purchase CBD Luxe products directly from their website. The team behind these tinctures also offering free shipping throughout the US, alongside additional worldwide shipping. They also offer an extensive support team & help page to sort out any issues you may have. Feel free to check out their range of CBD products here.

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Drawing our 2021 CBD Luxe review to a close; we believe this company offer a range of innovative & highly convenient cannabidiol products to suit a variety of needs. Whilst lacking a little in CBD oils & tinctures, the rest of their range more than makes up for this. Whilst their balms & creams are perfect for relief after sport or exercise, they also offer localised relief of afflicted areas.

Alongside this, they also offer a variety of alternatives such as vapes, allowing users to quickly dose solo & on the move. We were especially impressed with their inhaler range which offered a unique ingestion method & a variety of fantastic flavours. Their team are highly transparent, publishing third-party lab reports and informing their customers as much as they can regarding cannabidiol.

They also pride themselves on sourcing all of their hemp from highly respected and renowned Colorado farmers, resulting in GMO-free and completely organic oils. Rest assured, CBD Luxe offer a comprehensive range of premium CBD products, to which you can view their full range now. Alternatively, keep reading and discover some of the biggest CBD Luxe coupons & promo codes for 2021.

Restrictions and availability

Firstly, as always we recommend double checking your regions laws to ensure these products remain legal for you. As far as we know, Luxe ship worldwide, offering free shipping to all states within the US. They also offer extensive customer support for any questions or qualms you may have. Thanks for reading our CBD Luxe review for 2021; we hope we answered any doubts you may have had about this company.

Feel free to check out the rest of our CBD reviews for more information on these brands and how they can help you. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the hottest CBD Luxe coupons & promo codes.

CBD Luxe Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Bringing our 2021 CBD Luxe review onto our coupon & promo code section. We all know that getting great value for money is important; as such, we’ve compiled a list of potential CBD Luxe coupons & promo codes for 2021; helping to pass the savings on to our readers.  We’ve found a slew of evidence containing coupons & deals throughout the years, including 20% off, 10% off sitewide and even 30% off some products.

We recommend consistently checking back to this section & ensuring you never miss a deal. Feel free to enjoy the savings for yourself & use the CBD Luxe coupons below on your next order; or check out our Black Friday section below for even more. Our team will always attempt to keep this section current, however please note that some of these may eventually expire.

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CBD Luxe Black Friday 2021 Discounts?

Many are looking forward to some CBD Luxe Black Friday deals this 2021. Thankfully we found evidence online of prior involvement; giving us high hopes regarding likelihood of any CBD Luxe Black Friday sales this 2021.

As such, we recommend checking back here closer to the date for a chance of some delightful deals. Feel free to scroll up to our coupons section for current coupons on offer, including Black Friday. We always try our best to update these reviews with relevant Black Friday coupons & discount codes; please let us know if we’ve missed anything!