Blue Moon Hemp Coupons & Review 2021

Blue moon hemp coupons review 2021
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THC free
Fairly priced
Great quality
Military discount
Variety of categories to choose from
Third-party lab testing & published reports
Uses both nano-technology & supercritical CO2 extraction processes
Highly reputable, award winning company
Rewards system for returning customers
30-day return policy
Main branch only operates within the US, those outside must source from redistributors
Higher free shipping spending requirement than some competitors
Return policy stricter than some competitors

Key Specs

Potency range:

125 – 3000 mg

Price range:

$9.90 – $229.00

Medical benefits:

Whilst cannabidiol products offer relief & relaxation, these products remain unapproved by the FDA and thus inconclusive.

Blue Moon Hemp Overview

On a mission to “destigmatize hemp” & offer the benefits of pure & affordable cannabidiol to all, this brand are taking the world by storm. Founded in 2015, Blue Moon Hemp have already sold over 1 million bottles and show no signs of slowing down. All of their tinctures are made in the USA, undergo thorough testing and contain 99.6% pure CBD & under 0.03% THC content, with most products completely THC free.

Their team state that they aim for maximum potency in every batch & continue to maintain a high level of transparency. They also publicise third party lab reports for their products, showcasing the authenticity & legitimacy of their cannabidiol/tinctures. Lastly, those ordering within the US will enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99, with a 30 day return policy. So without delay, lets begin our Blue Moon Hemp review for 2021.

Recommended use:

Depending on potency, between 3-6 drops under the tongue. Hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Extraction process:

Supercritical CO2

Blue Moon hemp review 2021

Blue Moon Hemp Review 2021

Blue Moon Hemp offer a selection of CBD alternatives, from tinctures & e-liquid to topicals, creams, gummies, shatters & more. One of the first things to impress us about this brand was their extensive range, alongside the overall stellar quality of products stocked. These terrific vape liquids also come in a number of tantalising tastes; from mango & strawberry to blueberry, pineapple and a huge selection of other tropical fruits. To reward returning customers, Blue Moon Hemp incorporate a points system, with a set amount awarded for each purchase (100 points per dollar spent). Customers can redeem these points for discounts on future purchases, which we thought was a great way to give back to your community.

With industrial hemp legal to grow throughout the US, the cannabidiol industry & companies involved all received a huge boost; effectively revitalising the concept & availability of CBD. This brand are well known for their brilliance, selling over a million bottles in just 3 years of operation. Alongside this, their CEO David Fleischer was also awarded first prize in Leafwire’s Future of Cannabis Pitch Contest, back in late 2018.

Much like Nirvana CBD, Blue Moon Hemp are one of the rare companies to offer 0.00% THC content throughout their product; with most companies opting for 0.03% and below. Furthermore, all hemp is sustainably sourced, using eco-friendly methods & no artificial ingredients or additives. Safe to say, these fully organic CBD products are indicative of the true quality offered throughout Blue Moon Hemp, as you’ll discover in the rest of our review.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oils & Shots

Cannabidiol based tinctures offer a fast, straightforward & highly portable way to dose up, wherever you are. These tinctures use cold-pressed hemp oil with high-speed emulsion coupled with nano-technology, all in hopes of ensuring the best bio-availability possible. Whilst stocked in a broad selection of sizes, we were also blown away with the array of awesome flavours on offer. Ranging from peppermint and berry to “natural” for the plain Wayne’s, we believe these flavours suit most palates. Although we would enjoy a few more tropical flavours seen in the e-liquid range, we honestly can’t complain at this range.

We all tried the berry flavour and found no problems, suitably sweet and a nice potency. Typically many companies stock only 1 flavour, natural; so to see a few extra flavours thrown in is always a treat. The size of these tinctures varies from 500mg to 3000mg (3000 mg of cannabidiol in 30ml oil), perfect for first time samplers or seasoned veterans. Speaking of, Blue Moon Hemp also offer military discounts on their products, with up to 35% off for military & first responders. It’s not too often you find brands stocking bottles of that size, making a perfect choice for those seeking something stronger or hoping to ingest less with a higher dose. Click & view their selection for yourself!

Blue Moon Hemp CBD tinctures coupons review

Review of Blue Moon Hemp Vape Juice / E-Liquid

Moving our 2021 Blue Moon Hemp review onto their CBD vape juice & e-liquid range. Vaping has fast become a viable alternative to ingesting CBD, sometimes proving greater portability than tinctures and capsules. Whilst we’ve seen some marketing regarding these products as “the healthy vape”, society still has not fully concluded the long term effects of vaping; which we feel is worth bearing in mind.

Much like most of their products, these e-liquids utilise whole plant extract, containing over 400 phytonutrients and 60 cannabinoids per bottle. Rest assured, these e-liquids contain only organic, plant-only vegetative glycerine, bio-based propylene glycol & hemp.

However, one slight drawback is the lack of proper dosing, requiring users to regulate their own intake. With a total of 30ml of liquid, it proves easy to take too small or big of a drag, so practice makes perfect. We wholeheartedly recommend checking out their full range of CBD vape/e-liquid for yourself here; or continue reading our 2021 Blue Moon Hemp review for our thoughts on their edibles range.

Blue Moon Hemp cbd vape juice review 2021

Review of Blue Moon Hemp Gummies

Switching our Blue Moon Hemp review onto their CBD gummies & edibles range; cited as “some of the best-tasting CBD gummies/edibles on the market”. After reading such a statement, we believed it our duty to see if these edibles live up to the hype. To begin, these gummy packs come in a selection of shapes & sizes; from 100mg packs of 12 to 1000mg packs of 140, priced respectively and offering great value for money on bulk orders.

Packaged in a selection of assorted flavours, these gummies contain 0.00% THC, much like all of BMH’s products. Whilst sampling, we were sure we could taste hints of strawberry, orange, pineapple and more… All in all very fruity and suitably potent! Alongside this, users can also pick up melatonin infused packs, great for those trying to sleep. If you’re watching your intake, sugar free packs also remain available. View these CBD gummies for yourself now, or learn about their other products in the rest of our 2021 Blue Moon Hemp review below.

blue moon cbd gummies discount review 2021

Review of Blue Moon Hemp CBD Shatter

One of their more unique (whilst somewhat sparse) selections is their range of CBD shatters. Typically, shatters derive from extracted oil, ranging between 45 – 75% purity. However, Blue Moon Hemp is no typical company, utilising techniques that allows them to purify cannabidiol to a near flawless state. Using this method, they reached a staggering 99.6% purity, making for one of the purest CBD shatters available publicly from any company.

They say it themselves, when you use Blue Moon CBD shatters, “you are getting the very best and purest shatter on the market”. Such confidence in the quality and potency of their products further increases the trust we hold in this company. Whilst a few extra variants would be nice, we still believe the products offered in this range are perfect. Honestly, our testers could find no issue with any of their products, no surprise from the winners of the “Best Hemp Company” award.

best cbd shatter

Where can I buy Blue Moon Hemp products?

Click now & discover Blue Moon Hemp’s range for yourself. Blue Moon Hemp boast a huge range of cannabidiol variants, from tinctures & topicals to shatters, gel caps, CBD for pets and more. They even stock other products such as “Kratom“, an indigenous medicine native to Southeast Asia; used as a herbal medicine since the 19th century. Preserve some of your hard earned paper with their range of bundles. These bundles offer fairly significant deals on a combination of products, with some even offering up to 20% off.

Put simply, there are a number of other awesome additions and ranges that we were unable to cover, so please check out their wide range and see it with your own eyes! From what we’ve witnessed, BMH take customer satisfaction very seriously. As such, customers who return products undamaged and within 30 days will receive a full refund after a maximum of 14 days. Customers within the US can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $99. To further support their community, their team run a Military Assistance Program; offering 35% off to all military personnel and first responders.


To conclude, we believe this brand a breath of fresh air; setting standards and raising the bar after only just a few years of operating. With multiple awards under their belt (including “Best Hemp Company”), we were convinced that their products would be fairly expensive and hard to access. However this was not the case, with many of their products offered for a fair & reasonable price; alongside in a selection of and potencies. In short, top quality at an affordable price, with some great flavours & a broad selection of products.

Although, please remember that CBD affects everyone differently. Depending on your size, age, weight, condition (etc.), you may require more/less dosage to feel its effect. We even have our own exclusive code for our readers, check out our coupon section below for up to 20% off. As always, thanks for reading our Blue Moon Hemp review for 2021, feel free to contact us with any questions or queries!

Restrictions and availability

As previously mentioned, the team behind this brand place a high standard on customer satisfaction. Those unhappy with their purchase may return their product within 30 days for a full refund, provided it remains undamaged. From what we know, their main branch ships only within the US/North America, with other redistributors available throughout the world. Users within this region will also enjoy free shipping on orders over $99. We were very happy with the support received from their team, who were very responsive, friendly and helpful. Discover the rest of our CBD reviews and learn more about a number of brilliant brands. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments. Lastly, continue reading for some great Blue Moon Hemp coupons & discount promo codes for 2021.

Blue Moon Hemp Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Moving our 2021 Blue Moon Hemp review onto every readers favourite section, coupons & promo codes. This list contains a selection of coupons curated for the best value for money. Whilst we try our hardest to keep these sections updated, please be aware that some of these coupons may eventually expire. Utilise discounts of up to 20% off using these exclusive Blue Moon Hemp coupon codes below; or continue reading for our Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 section for even more savings.

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15% off

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Blue Moon Hemp Black Friday 2021 Discounts

If up to 15% off isn’t enough for you, stick around for some of the hottest Blue Moon Hemp Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for 2021. Last year, we saw a slew of savings, with discounts & promo codes offering up to 30% off, alongside a variety of bundles. Therefore, we can expect their team to repeat this come Black Friday 2021, however this isn’t a guarantee.

As such, we recommend checking closer to the date, as Blue Moon will surely release a number of deals to update this section with come Black Friday. As always, thanks for reading our Blue Moon Hemp review for 2021, we hope we were able to answer all of your questions surrounding this brand.