Black Tie CBD Review 2021

Black Tie CBD offer a broad range of brilliant cannabidiol solutions, ranging from vape cartridges & edibles to CBD concentrates, tinctures and more. Feel free to continue reading for an in-depth review of this company.
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Large range of products available
A variety of award winning strains available
100% organic hemp from reputable & reliable source
All products lab-tested for quality & cannabidiol content
Some interesting & unique products, from CBD crystalline & wax to full-spectrum shatter
Minimal transparency, little information on company background
Poor return policy allows for 15-days only for unopened items
US shipping only

Black Tie CBD Key Specs

Welcome to our Black Tie CBD review for 2021. We take a comprehensive look at who this brand is & what they do. Let’s start off this review with a few key specifications regarding their range:

Potency Range:

300mg – 1200mg

Price Range:

$22 -$75

Medical Benefits:

These products remain uncertified by the FDA. As such, these products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any ailment.

Black Tie CBD Review 2020

Black Tie CBD Overview

In our Black Tie CBD review, we aim to cover who this company are, what they do & how well they do it. To briefly start, this company specialise in smokable CBD flower, all processed from high-grade hemp.

Alongside offering this alternative form of smokable cannabidiol, they also offer a range of classic CBD products; ranging from oils, vape cartridges, tablets, edibles, creams and more.

Whilst all products remain available for shipment throughout the United States, other continents are not so lucky. Those outside of the US will have to wait a little longer, until BlackTieCBD decide to ship worldwide. Continue reading to learn more about this brand or alternatively, view their range now.


Organic, full-spectrum hemp extract | MTC Oil

Recommended Use:

Suggested dosage states 1-2 servings per day. Average serving = 20 drops (1.0 ml). If dropper/tincture, place drops under tongue, hold for 30+ seconds before swallowing. We recommend always checking product descriptions to ensure correct usage.

Extraction Process:


BlackTieCBD review 2020

Black Tie CBD Review 2021

Recently, many have turned to cannabidiol based products for a number of reasons; most commonly due to offering a plethora of benefits for all manner of ailments. With such a meteoric rise, its no surprise that entrepreneurs have started snapping up this opportunity to expand the market. Currently, the cannabidiol market has an estimated value of approx. 22 billion and growing!

Due to the nature of businesses worldwide, many money-minded consumers will wonder if they’re getting great value or not. As such, we’ve decided to lend a hand, taking a closer look of these companies and in this instance; our Black Tie CBD review. We hope to help you learn all you need regarding this Oregon-based cannabidiol/THC company.

Who are Black Tie CBD?

Based out of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, all of BlackTieCBD’s hemp is grown from one source; the Umpqua River Valley. This company also produces high-CBD medicinal hemp strains, oils and extracts. Established in 2018, Black Tie CBD claim pride in producing the majority of strains sold on their store; currently farming five different properties & spanning nearly 200 acres of hemp production.

As such, they have the capacity to offer a selection of strains to suit everyone. Furthermore, their “ultimate vision” is to provide premium products at a fair & affordable price. Before founding Black Tie CBD, the team were a group of hardened horticulturalists; eager to create something unique and impactful. In 2014 they did just that, crossbreeding their hemp and cannabis & creating legal hemp products potent in CBD.

BlackTie CBD review 2020

Black Tie CBD Key Features

Whilst only two years old, this cannabidiol company have won an array of awards for their products and hard work. In March 2019, BlackTieCBD made history by entering industrial hemp against marijuana in the High Times cannabis competition. Placing 2nd place overall, their federally compliant hemp flowers contained less than 0.3% THC, competing against numerous marijuana based CBD flowers.

Furthermore, in 2018 the company won yet another award, this time at the Oregon Grower’s Cup, one of the first enjoyable & smokable CBG strains on the market. As a result, it’s no surprise that they took home “Best Hemp Flower”, thanks to rare genetics, smooth smoking & unique effect. Whilst offering a selection of cannabidiol solutions, they also publish the third-party lab reports regarding their products.

High-quality hemp flower and cannabidiol solutions appear their flagship products, they also stock other brands as well. This came as a bit of a surprise, seeing as most CBD companies don’t do this; however we enjoy the benefit of a broader selection. Feel free to continue reading our 2021 Black Tie CBD review for more information on their ever-expanding range of products.

Review of Black Tie CBD Hemp Flower Products

With a number of brands featured on their online shop, finding original products can result in a bit of a chore. They appear to resell other products alongside their own, as demonstrated by their remarkable range. As previously mentioned, their most popular item is the industrial hemp flower; of which many strains have won awards at a number of events.

In accordance with federal regulation, all hemp products and cannabidiol solutions contain under 0.3% THC; retaining suitability for medicinal use. Although they offer a stunning selection and broad range of products, many first timers may not know what they like. In this regards, we recommend ensuring you know what you’re getting, due to their limited 15-day return policy; alongside returning products exactly as your received them.

Black Tie CBD Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020

A sensational selection of strains

Please note, they mainly only accept returns regarding “buyers remorse” and those who have changed their mind. They very much follow the “you try it, buy it” ideal, which is fair enough regarding these types of product.

This brand currently offers a selection of strains to choose from, including Amnesia Haze, Apple Strüdel, California Kush, Bubba Kush and much more. Also included in their range are edible Berry CBD gummies, CBD kief and CBD crystalline, all discussed in the next section.

These hemp flowers range between $8-9 per gram, with incremental discounts per gram on larger purchases. Rest assured, all buds shown contain high CBD content, suitable for anyone aiming for medicinal usage. Furthermore, many buds have received a number of reviews, most of which are positive.

These reviews should help give you some insight as to the pros & cons of each strain you view. However, worth noting is the no-returns policy on any bud, for any reason. As such, we recommend ensuring you’re happy with whatever strain you choose, as you cannot return it after. We believe this a fair practice, especially considering the nature of the product.

Hemp Flower Products, or continue reading our 2021 Black Tie CBD review to learn more about their other tinctures.

Review of Other Black Tie CBD Products


Alongside offering a selection of hemp flowers, Black Tie CBD also sell a number of cannabidiol solutions. These come in a variety of forms, from topical creams and tinctures to capsules, vape cartridges and oral sprays.

In terms of tinctures, they offer three typical levels of potency, with the largest size at 1200 mg. However, we also found a 5000 mg full-spectrum tincture, which is an incredibly impressive size. These tinctures also come available in four different flavours. These flavours include: original terps, orange citrus & lemon ginger. Click here to view their tincture selection now.

Capsules & Topical CBD

Black Tie CBD further offer a variety of CBD tablets, edibles and other concentrates. Starting off with capsules, these range between 10×200 mg capsules to up to 5000mg. In retrospect, these 5000 mg capsules are some of the biggest doses we’ve seen available online and in stores. Another range of quality hemp-based products include their topical CBD solutions.

These solutions range from cannabidiol infused massage oil & muscle freeze to patches, creams, bath bombs and more. We were pretty surprised at the diversity of this range, since many topical CBD ranges usually only contain a few creams and oils. Discover their full topical range now, or continue reading for their CBD concentrates.

CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Concentrates

These tinctures and creams are all very impressive, however their real gem of a range lies in their CBD concentrates. These concentrates contain some cannabidiol-potent powerhouse; ranging from kief, CBD crystalline, CBD/THC Delta-8 wax and even full-spectrum shatter. Also included in this range is their amazing “Afghani Hash”, made with Blueberry Pie kief and boasting a crazy cannabidiol content of over 47%.

No wonder BlackTieCBD have come home with so many awards. However, if its high cannabidiol content you’re after, their CBD crystalline offers a ridiculous 89.7%. Not only this, but this concentrate also comes in a variety of flavours; grapefruit romulan, sour diesel and papaya OG. Feel free to see their concentrates range here, or learn about their edibles below.

CBD Edibles

Black Tie CBD also offer an array of tasty CBD edibles. These edibles range from 600mg fruit snacks and cherry CBD drops to 20mg tangerine gummies, CBD chewing gum and much more. We were blown away with the selection on offer for these CBD edibles, truly unlike most on the market.

We even found some cannabidiol-rich syrup & sour gummy bears. So, if you’re seeking a snack, we definitely recommend checking out this range.

Black Tie CBD Edibles

Where can I buy BlackTieCBD products?

Unsurprisingly, you can pick up their products online, directly from their website. They also have a customer service hotline and email contact for any questions or issues. As previously mentioned, this brand currently only ships domestically & within the US only.

Average shipping time is approx. 2 days after order submission, with delivery commonly taking 3-7 days; dependant on whichever shipping method you choose. We also want to remind those who may have forgotten, this brand enforces a strict 15-day guarantee, with no returns accepted after this point.


Whilst relatively new in the market, Black Tie CBD still have 2 years of experience under their belt; alongside a number of awards for their superb strains. They also stock a superior selection in comparison to many other brands, including both their own products and those from other companies. We were especially impressed with the edibles & concentrate ranges.

Furthermore, they also offer lab test results for all Black Tie brand products sold, available on their website. However, it still remains up to the consumer to research other brands in their ranges. Whilst a little expensive, Black Tie CBD branded products clearly showcase a high standard of quality; alongside a number of innovative forms of cannabidiol rarely seen.

Black Tie CBD Discount coupon code 2020

Restrictions and availability

As previously mentioned, this brand only ships domestically, within the US. Furthermore, we recommend checking the local laws for your region and ensuring these products remain legal. As always, thanks for reading our Black Tie CBD review for 2021; we hope we answered any and all of your questions. Feel free to check out the rest of our CBD reviews for more information on these brands and how they can help you.

Black Tie CBD Black Friday 2021 Discount Coupons & Promo Codes

Whilst this brand offer a broad range of high tier CBD, many may hope for some Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts this 2021. Firstly, their team have history regarding Black Tie CBD Black Friday discounts, offering up to 35% off last Black Friday. They further offered 40% off sitewide throughout a Cyber Monday sale in 2019.

LIMITED SALE: Memorial Day

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Start date: May 27, 2021 End date: June 1, 2021
LIMITED SALE: Memorial Day

Also worth noting is the Black Tie CBD Thanksgiving Day sale, where up to 55% off was offered. This company certainly seems to enjoy a sale, offering a variety of deals & discounts throughout the year. We recommend keeping an eye out for any future deals, or checking back here closer to Black Friday this 2021.

We always try our best to update these reviews with relevant Black Friday coupons & discount codes; please let us know if we’ve missed anything!