Avid Hemp CBD Coupons & Review 2021

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Avid Hemp offer an extensive range spanning a variety of products & potencies; stocking options perfect for all price ranges.
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Avid Hemp Key Specs

Potency range:

30-3000 mg

Price range:

$9.99 – $400

Medical benefits:

These products remain uncertified by the FDA. As such, these products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any ailment.

Avid Hemp review 2021

Avid Hemp Overview

Whilst officially established in 2017, the founders began researching & testing hemp’s medicinal value; with over 20 years of research & activity by the time CBD became legal to sell. Prior to opening, Avid Hemp already claimed strong bonds & relationships with hemp-farming associations in both Colorado & Florida. As such, they have a close-knit supply line, knowing exactly where & how their hemp was grown & who by.

They further only work with growers sharing the same commitments to sustainable farming & match their same high standard of quality-control. The team behind this aim to use superior grown ingredients whenever possible, with no sacrifice on quality. With such emphasis on production & claiming to never cut corners, Avid Hemp take great pride in offering some of the best oils, tinctures, topicals & more.

Avid Hemp offers oil tinctures using full spectrum only, offering the entire hemp plant with all its properties. Each tincture/bottle contains CBD, terpenes, flavanoids and all that good stuff we’ve come to expect. All full-spectrum CBD oil from Avid Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, abiding by widely accepted laws and regulation standards.

Throughout the process, CO2 extraction is used, said to offer the cleanest method. They also operate with a great level of transparency, with readers able to check their lab results here. Avid Hemp further ships worldwide & all over the US.


Organic, full-spectrum hemp extract

Recommended use:

Depending on strength, the average serving remains between 15-20 drops (1.0 ml), with users recommended to take between 1-2 servings a day. Place drops under tongue, hold for 30+ seconds before swallowing. We recommend always checking product descriptions to ensure correct usage.

Extraction process:

CO2 Full Spectrum

avid hemp best coupons 2021

Avid Hemp CBD Review 2021

Moving into the main section of our Avid Hemp review for 2021. Today, we aim to cover who this company are, what they sell, how they do it & how good they are. As we’ve already covered who this company are in our overview, we’ll cut straight to what they sell.

Recently revamping their product line, Avid have spared no expense in expanding their remarkable range. The team behind these tinctures also offer a huge variety of other CBD topicals, edibles, oils and more. They also feature some of the cheapest offers available for quality CBD oil, offering fantastic value and quality.

We were especially impressed with their range of edibles; full of flavour choice, with the strongest containing up to 3000 mg cannabidiol. These CBD edibles range from gummy rings & bears to sour worms and more.

Alongside this, they also offer a variety of smokable CBD vape juice & flower; perfect for those looking for an instant hit. Rest assured, their extensive selection should contain everything you need, whatever your requirements. Furthermore, Avid Hemp also offer shipping both throughout the US & worldwide.

Discover their range & website now, or continue reading our 2021 Avid Hemp review to learn about this brand in greater detail. Alternatively, go straight to our coupon section for deals/discounts on a number of products.

CBD edibles review 2021

Review of CBD Gummies & Edibles

As previously mentioned, Avid Hemp offer a variety of edible options for users; including capsules & oils, discussed below. Our favourites were the CBD gummies, which come in four different sizes; 5, 15, 30, 60 & 180 gummies. Each gummy contains approx. 17 mg of cannabidiol content, with packages totalling 250/500/1000/3000 mg.

Yes – you read that right, users can indulge themselves in a potent pack of 3000 mg CBD gummies, with a choice of flavours. They even offer a sour option, so those who love to hate themselves can take delight in their discomfort as they eat. These gummies offer a convenient yet tasty way to store & ingest cannabidiol, wherever you are.

However, these sweets unfortunately remain unsuitable for vegans, unless they feel like cheating. Strangely enough, we found other vendors selling vegan variants of the same Avid branded sweets. Perhaps they were restocking at the time of this review, however we hope they update the range on their official website soon.

Avid Hemp state that each gummy is individually dosed with precise milligrams, offering a consistent & casual ingestion method. This form of ingestion also cuts out any unwanted tastes found in some full spectrum oils, perfect for those who don’t like the taste of traditional CBD tinctures. As with all their products, all CBD gummies contain less than 0.3% THC.

View their CBD gummies now, or continue reading for our review of the Avid Hemp tinctures and oil range.

Avid Hemp Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021

Review of CBD Oils

Whilst offering a variety of CBD gummies, vape cartridges and flowers, Avid Hemp also offer a selection of terrific CBD tinctures. These tinctures typically come in the form of oils, ranging between 300-5000 mg; the latter a most powerful portion & one of the best they have to offer, set to last you months.

All of these CBD oils undergo full spectrum hemp extraction, alongside adding MCT oil & natural flavourings. In fact, Avid Hemp seem to place great pride in the quality of their oils, featuring a range of only full-spectrum; believing this to be its purest form. Much like all of their products, these tinctures contain less than 0.3% THC.

Users have the choice between mint, peach & unflavoured variants, perfect for all tastes. Prices for these oils range between $34.99 – $400, the latter being that beast of a bottle we talked about earlier. Whilst their oils are seriously strong, tincture sizes remain limited to 30ml, with no bigger or smaller bottles available.

We picked up some a 1000mg bottle of CBD night time oil, with 250mg of added melatonin. This tantalising tincture offers a magnificent minty taste & goes down a treat. As the name suggests, it certainly gives a great night’s sleep; alongside a pleasant afterglow in the morning.

Click & browse their oils for yourself, or keep reading to learn more about their topical selection.

Review of CBD Topicals

Moving on to one of their more exciting ranges of topical CBD products. The uses & applications for these topical tinctures are ever evolving, from bubble bath & face cream to massage oil and more.

Whilst their range lacks a few formats like sprays, they do offer a variety of brilliant balms. Whether it’s for post-workout muscle tension or to keep your skin looking smooth, Avid Hemp’s CBD cream & topical range may contain the one for you.

The body absorbs CBD cream through the skin and into the bloodstream, where its magic takes root. This can aid in your body’s regulation of hunger, pain, balance, sleep, etc. Alongside this, some lotions appear to have localized impacts, perfect for muscle inflammation and more. Whilst CBD creams certainly wont cure all blemishes or remove your wrinkles, they still aid in moisturising & exfoliation, amongst all other benefits.

Where can I buy Avid Hemp products?

The answer may surprise you… Feel free to pick up a pack of gummies, oil, cream and more; all from Avid Hemp’s own website. Users can also contact them at any time via telephone or email, with their responsive support team eager to help.

Avid Hemp ships to both throughout the US & worldwide. However one thing we discovered was the reselling of their own-brand vegan gummies on different websites; even though they do not appear to stock them on their own site.

Judging from the reviews, users are often left feeling satisfied and happy with their service; often becoming loyal customers in the process. Some state the effectiveness it has in alleviating their arthritis, others simply love the taste. Whatever your reasons, we’re sure you could benefit from some of their terrific CBD tinctures.


In conclusion, we believe Avid Hemp have an awesome amount of product variation; offering a broad range to suit all manner of needs. Of course, our favourites were the gummies, which offered a tantalising taste alongside an excellent effect. Their vape juice range is a little sparse, however they do offer a variety of flavours of full-spectrum CBD vape juice.

Another awesome addition regarding Avid Hemp are their volume choices, with users easily able to buy in bulk; whether it’s 3000mg of gummies/oil or 2000mg of vape juice, customers always have the option.

These high potency bottles last a lot longer, since you can use far less each dose. It’s clear that the hemp used was sourced from genuine farmers with high standards. Most products offer ample affects, alongside a great taste & smell. Even though there are so many vendors to choose from, we still believe the team at Avid Hemp a diamond in the rough, not to be overlooked.

Restrictions and availability

Firstly, we always recommend checking the local laws for your region and ensuring these products remain legal. However as far as we know, Avid Hemp ship worldwide, alongside to all states in the US. Thanks for reading our Avid Hemp review for 2021; we hope we answered any doubts you may have had about this company.

Feel free to check out the rest of our CBD reviews for more information on these brands and how they can help you. Alternatively, check out our articles on how CBD aids ailments; or continue reading for some of the hottest Avid Hemp coupons & promo codes of 2021.

Avid Hemp Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Moving our Avid Hemp review to it’s unofficial conclusion, our coupon & promo code section. Like us, many of you want to get the best value for your money. We’ve scoured search engines to bring you some of the best Avid Hemp coupons for 2021. It would appear that on occasion they go nuclear; offering up to 50% off products, 40% off entire orders, sitewide promos and more throughout the year.

Some of these Avid Hemp coupons blew our mind with the discounts discovered. As such, feel free to enjoy the savings for yourself & use the Avid Hemp coupons below on your next order; or check out our Black Friday section below for even more. Our team will always attempt to keep this section current, however please note that some of these may eventually expire.

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Avid Hemp Black Friday 2021 Discounts?

As you can tell from our coupon & promo code section, these guys love discounts. As such, many might look towards some potential Avid Hemp Black Friday deals this 2021. Thankfully, we’ve found evidence of Avid Hemp’s Black Friday involvement, offering a number of deals throughout the past.

Whilst their official website makes no mention of Black Friday, we did some digging and found a slew of savings. Some of these were even offering discounts of up to 59% on selected products. We further found an Avid Hemp Cyber Monday sale last year, offering 40% off sitewide.

As such, we recommend checking back here closer to the date for a chance of some delightful deals. We always try our best to update these reviews with relevant Black Friday coupons & discount codes; please let us know if we’ve missed anything!