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43 CBD coupons review 2020
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Key Specs

Potency range:

75mg – 2000 mg

Price range:

$15.00 – $150.00

Medical benefits:

Whilst not approved by the FDA, cannabidiol is shown to support daily body functions and aiding in better health.

43 CBD Solutions Overview

Beginning our 43 CBD review for 2021 with a brief overview covering who they are & what they do. Started by a group of friends that originated in the late 1980s. The number “43” stems from the founders’ favourite skateboard trick. Coincidentally, one of the founders started an artisan hemp business back in 2015, the same year he turned 43.

Further following suit, next year another founder joined the team, also close to his 43rd birthday and solidifying the symbolism. This group of friends started 43 CBD with the aim to help heal people, relax minds & feel naturally good. This team also claim broad backgrounds, such as engineering, farming & chemistry; combined with their love for health & fitness to create a top-tier recipe for cannabidiol products.

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Organic full-spectrum cannabidiol oil, Organic hemp seed, etc.

Recommended use:

Average strengths approx. 6 drops per day, increase if required. Keep under tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

Extraction process:


43 CBD coupons review 2020

43 CBD Solutions Review 2021

With cannabidiol sourced from organic, sustainable farms in the Rocky Mountains & Western Slopes of Colorado; selected from their clear mountain spring water & high altitude, the perfect environment for artisan hemp. After much study, they concluded that special conditions such as altitude & water have a significant impact on quality.

Avoiding harmful chemicals and pesticides, 43 CBD take pride in selecting seeds & using all-natural farming methods. They also maintain a terrific level of transparency, with readers able to view their publicly published third-party lab reports.

The team also believes that enforcing natural origins of growing your own plants in your backyard, enhancing potential healing powers. They also enjoy supporting their local Colorado farmers, cited as something very important to them.

43 CBD Solutions could have easily sourced hemp cheaper from out of state, however they place value in their community and hope to contribute to local prosperity in Colorado. Their range is relatively standard; offering CBD oil tinctures (including THC-free options), salves/creams, CBD for pets, capsules, massage oils & a few starter bundles.

43 CBD oil review 2021

Review of 43 CBD Oils

Every tincture offered comes from a blend of full-spectrum hemp oil & hemp seed oil; all fully organic of course.  We were fairly impressed with the fantastic flavours offered throughout their range; including cinnamon, peppermint, seasonal pumpkin spice & of course, all-natural. In all honestly, these flavours were remarkably rich, yet maintained a subtle & light flair.

As you would expect, none of these flavours contain any added chemicals or preservatives and are all flavoured using organic ingredients. Furthermore, hemp-seed is a rich oil offering high omega fatty acid, antioxidant & vitamin content.

Alongside these tinctures, 43 CBD Solutions also offer THC-free hemp oil tinctures. In an attempt to increase inclusivity, the team decided to launch THC-free versions of their oils. Alongside these tinctures, 43 CBD Solutions also offer THC-free hemp oil tinctures.

In an attempt to increase inclusivity, the team decided to launch THC-free versions of their oils. Although their standard tinctures still fall below 0.3% THC content, some users may still worry about THC content showing up in drug tests.

These THC-free tinctures have removed, rather predictably, all THC content, allowing users to enjoy the entourage effect without any THC consumption. All of these THC-free tinctures also come in the same flavours as their counterparts.

Discover their full range of CBD oils now, or continue reading our 43 CBD review for more information.

Review of 43 CBD Salve

Alongside oils, 43CBD also offer a number of salves; interacting directly with the skin and relieving pain, inflammation, discomfort and more. These salves contain between 75 mg (pocket tin) – 1000 mg of cannabidiol content. Choose from standard, extra-strength, deep-tissue & ultra-deep tissue options.

Simply apply directly to the skin for extra relief. Crafted from full-spectrum hemp oil, olive/coconut oil, vitamin E & organic beeswax; these CBD salves showcase a variety of strengths & uses, as mentioned earlier.

Massage Oil

43 CBD’s range also expands into third-party lab reports; offering a smooth blend of organic coconut oil, mixed into full-spectrum hemp oil & infused with 25mg of CBD per ounce. Much like their CBD salve range, this oil is a great alternative to conventional deep tissue massage oils; further enhancing pain relief, relaxation & healing.

Other 43CBD products

Whilst offering a range of tinctures & topicals, 43 also offer CBD for pets; specifically designed & produced to help your pets enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol. This “furry friends formula” is sourced from full-spectrum hemp oil & sustainably harvested omega-3 rich fish oil; containing a total of 500mg cannabidiol content.

Simply put 2 drops for every 10 lbs your pet weighs into their food and watch it do wonders for any anxiety or joint pain.

Where can I buy 43 CBD products?

As expected, users can purchase these products from 43CBD’s own website. The team offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. This means that users who feel unsatisfied can talk to the team; who in turn give store credit & allow users to try another product, free of charge.

This sets a really genuine precedent and makes this a company worthy of support, as they clearly care about their customers. Furthermore, it appears that they ship worldwide and to all major continents & states.

43 CBD black friday cyber monday 2021


This company have clearly invested much effort and time into creating top-tier CBD tinctures & formulas, using ingredients all sourced from superior farms. Users can quickly and easily check out their third-party lab reports, further attesting to their transparency and honesty. Whilst the range was a little sparse, the products they did have were clearly of high quality & very well worth every penny.

Whilst they don’t offer any return policy, that 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you can swap a product for something else, should you remain unsatisfied. It’s clear that the team behind 43 CBD solutions put their users first & clearly want to benefits people’s lives. As such, they continue to product terrific tinctures, topicals and more whilst supporting their local community.

View their full range now, or save some money with our 43 CBD coupons & promo codes section below.

Restrictions and availability

We always recommend checking the local laws for your region and ensuring these products remain legal. Currently, 43CBD offer shipping to worldwide and to all major continents & states. However, please note that there is no returns policy, instead opting for a “100% satisfaction guarantee”.

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43 CBD Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Switching our 2021 43 CBD review onto coupons & promo codes. Many cost-effective cannabidiol users will love our coupon section, in which we compile a list of potential 43 CBD coupons & promo codes for 2021; all in hopes of passing the savings on to our readers.

We found evidence showcasing a variety of deals and discounts throughout the year from 43; with some including up to 30% off. As such, ensure you stay alert, check back and never miss another deal again.

Enjoy the savings for yourself, thanks to these 43 CBD coupons below; use these on your next order, or check out our Black Friday section below for even more. Our team will always attempt to keep this section current, however please note that some will eventually expire.

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$10 off Furry Friends

Use this coupon code for $10 off Furry Friends CBD for pets!
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$10 off Furry Friends

43 CBD Black Friday 2021 Discounts

With the hour fast approaching, many pine for 43 CBD Black Friday 2021 or Cyber Monday deals & discounts. Thankfully, we’ve found evidence of prior involvement from the team; with some products offering up to 50% off!

Therefore, we recommend checking back here closer to the date, as 43CBD are likely to offer a slew of savings come Black Friday. As always, thanks for reading our 43 CBD review for 2021, we hope we were able to answer all of your questions surrounding this brand.