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Founded in 2015 by a group of long-time friends, 43 CBD Solutions have established themselves firmly in the industry. After a few years of cultivation and wholesaling high quality hemp, the company decided to focus on cannabidiol. Since then, they have aided in relaxing minds and healing people. Their product lines contain CBD for pets, salves & organic full spectrum oil. The team behind this company also have experience in engineering, farming & chemistry; bound by a passion for fitness & cannabidiol.


Although their range is fairly limited, every product they offer is high quality & fully organic; utilizing industrial U.S. hemp from sustainable farms in Colorado, free from pesticides and using all-natural farming methods. Third-party lab reports are publicly available, showcasing a great level of transparency. Their refund policy is fairly standard, offering a 30-day return period for unused items in their original packaging. View their complete range now, or learn more about this company with our in-depth 43 CBD review for 2021. Best business mobile phone deals

Product Information

What products does 43 CBD use?

CBD Oils, CBD Tinctures, Topicals, Pet Products

What extraction method does 43 CBD use?


Does 43 CBD provide a publicly available lab test?


Does 43 CBD offer a money-back guarantee?​

Returned within 30-days unused

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Does 43 CBD offer a military / veteran discount?​


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Does 43 CBD offer a low-income discount?​​


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