Realize Hemp Raspberry CBD Drink Mix

A convenient mix offering both terrific taste & an energizing effect

realize hemp cbd drink review 2021

We were lucky enough to get hold of some terrific tasting “raspberry CBD drink mix” from Realize Hemp. For clarification, these are sachets of isolated cannabidiol, converted into powder form via nano-emulsification.

Making one of these drinks is fast and straightforward, with users easily able to mix one in under a minute. It dissolves very nicely, mixing in easily with no clumps or particles floating around. Rarely, small clumps can form the bottom of the glass, so just give it a quick stir or shake beforehand if possible.

Recommended use:
  1. Mix 1 packet into 8-10 oz of water and stir.
  2. Wait ~30 minutes after drinking for effects.
    (Full effects may take up to 90 minutes)

realize hemp raspberry CBD isolate powder drink

Brilliant bioavailability

All ingredients are clearly labelled on the packaging, with every mix containing both natural and artificial flavourings. Each box contains 6 servings, with approx. 4g of sugar and 35 calories per serving. These sachets are surprisingly potent, containing 50mg of CBD content, coupled with just 5mg of THC. Whilst this is strong in its own right, having a high bioavailability increases the effect.

Rest assured, everything contains less than 0.3% THC; the legal threshold for many regions. This potency is even more impressive when factoring in bioavailability. These types of isolated mixes and powders utilise nanotechnology; which in turn create miniature particles ~1 million times smaller than original.

As a result, the ingestion rate and time it takes to enter systemic circulation is much faster. With the majority of traditional tinctures as oil based, most of the mixture remains insoluble, resulting in a lower bioavailability.

As these powdered particles are so small, cannabidiol easily makes it through the digestive system without breaking down; with far more absorbed into the bloodstream than other conventional methods.

Published lab reports

The team at Realize Hemp take pride in maintaining transparency. As such, all of their products have received multiple certificates of analysis; with their team publishing all of their third-party lab results directly on their website. Everything is made in the USA, alongside utilises fully recyclable packaging. Please note that these products remain unapproved by the FDA.

Highly portable, discreet and consistent

We especially love these CBD drink sachets due to their portability and consistency. Simply open the sachet, pour and mix for a guaranteed 50mg dose every time. This also results in a highly discreet method of medication; with users able to easily walk around publicly with one of these drinks and raise no questions.

Whilst a selection of flavours would be nice, we were very happy with the brilliant taste of the raspberry CBD powder/drink. The typical bitter taste commonly found in cannabidiol products is completely gone, instead offering a simply fantastic flavour. Whilst writing, I found that I felt legitimately energized within 40 minutes of finishing my drink.

Despite their potency, these drinks sell for a modest price of $25.99, working out at approx. $4.33 per sachet; definitely a competitive and reasonable rate for this type of product.

Realize Hemp also stock an all-natural hemp mix-in sweetener, containing 1000mg CBD with approx. 50 servings per jar. Whilst this company currently only two products stocked, we hope to see more in the future; especially with the ever evolving emulsification technology.

Visit their website for yourself now, or browse the rest of our CBD reviews.