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Our founder, Brian Caruso, saw his wife suffering with chronic Lyme Disease symptoms including physical pain & insomnia and prescription drugs not bridging the gap to wellness. He set out to find a natural solution, which led him to CBD and hemp oil. Brian had his wife try several brands with minimal relief and knew there needed to be a pharmacy-quality product for anyone to benefit from. Zion Medicinals was born.

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What products does Zion Medicinals use?

CBD Oils, Topicals

What extraction method does Zion Medicinals use?


Does Zion Medicinals provide a publicly available lab test?


Does Zion Medicinals offer a money-back guarantee?​


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Does Zion Medicinals offer a military / veteran discount?​


Does Zion Medicinals offer a long-term disability discount?​​


Does Zion Medicinals offer a low-income discount?​​


What is the discount amount Zion Medicinals offers​

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