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THIS COMPANY HAS SINCE CEASED OPERATION: Unfortunately, this brand have gone out of business, a statement on their website reads:

“Our company has recently learned that T1 Payments, the payment processing company we have used for years to handle card payments, is going out of business and subsequently is taking the majority of the company’s funds down with them.


In the light of this news, we regret to inform you that our company is no longer able to continue doing business.”


Whether or not they will start up in later years is unclear, and we will update this page accordingly if so. Return to our complete CBD company directory, or browse our in-depth brand reviews.


Verified CBD were specialists in natural CBD oil products. By using state of the art technology and aiming for the highest industry standards, they delivered “the best, purest, and highest quality hemp products”.


is verifiedCBD a good company?

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What products does Verified CBD use?

CBD Oils, CBD Tinctures, Capsules, Edibles, Oral Applicators, Topicals, Vape Products, Pet Products

What extraction method does Verified CBD use?


Does Verified CBD provide a publicly available lab test?


Does Verified CBD offer a money-back guarantee?​


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Does Verified CBD offer a military / veteran discount?​


Does Verified CBD offer a long-term disability discount?​​


Does Verified CBD offer a low-income discount?​​


What is the discount amount Verified CBD offers​

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