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Our mission is to build a worldwide community of empowered, vibrant, thriving, happy and healthy people, all committed to sharing the news about the healing power of CBD oil. And thanks to your help, we are halfway there. With the guidance of CEO Jason Hand, Vape Bright has exploded onto the CBD vape scene, with a product offering that is the only one of its kind in the world.

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What products does Vape Bright use?

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What extraction method does Vape Bright use?


Does Vape Bright provide a publicly available lab test?


Does Vape Bright offer a money-back guarantee?​


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Does Vape Bright offer a military / veteran discount?​


Does Vape Bright offer a long-term disability discount?​​


Does Vape Bright offer a low-income discount?​​


What is the discount amount Vape Bright offers​

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