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Nectar CBD is a Colorado-based company dedicated to providing consumers with ultra-refined and effective CBD-rich hemp extract products, including organic CBD hemp oil. Cultivated in southern Colorado, our hemp is derived from our organically and sustainably-cultivated crops which thrive due to the natural Colorado sun, living soil, fowl-based insect control, cover cropping, companion planting of vegetables and herbs and extracted hemp biomass mulching.

Our Nectar CBD products are formulated with the most refined full-spectrum hemp extract available on the market: distillate. Our Nectar CBD distillate is a full-spectrum organically-cultivated CBD-rich hemp extract which retains cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients. Our products utilize organic ingredients because purity and quality of ingredients are paramount.

The Nectar CBD product line offers organically-derived CBD-rich products, formulated with distillate, in oil, topical and treat form for humans and their pets. Our organic CBD hemp oils for humans are formulated with organic agave nectar for a hint of natural sweetness.

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CBD Oils, Pet Products, Topicals

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