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After a horseback riding accident which nearly did her in, Laura experimented with full spectrum CBD to help ease her pains. She was so astonished by the results, she started growing organic hemp on her farm, Mt. Folly, and created Laura’s Homestead Alternatives CBD to share the good fortune.

1) We farm organically (which makes for superior CBD), and we farm regeneratively to to sequester carbon through year-round photosynthesis on crop land, building soil humus and stabilizing organic matter in crop soils. We rotate our cow herd through small, separate pastures, mimicking buffalo herds. We leave delicate timberland alone.

These practices can sequester large amounts of carbon, at low cost.  Once we are confident that the practices are practical for other farmers, and have a good measurement of the carbon sequestered, I will promote this solution with everything I’ve got.

2) We are part of our regional economy, which, with reduced transportation and energy costs, along with good jobs, is part of the solution. Sequestering carbon on the farm, then attaching the farm to the industrial food system, won’t work. The farm is a fraction of the problem, and we seek to solve the whole. Laura’s Mercantile is a job creator, and we hire locally, from east Kentucky counties when possible.

We have restored a building in our bypassed small town of Winchester, turning it into Wildcat Willy’s Distillery and Farm-to-Table Restaurant. We are developing The Moonshine Trail for progress in east Kentucky and are midstream in refurbishing an 1880 building for the new Mercantile offices and two apartments.

3) We are active in building a community of learners. My husband thinks this means I work all the time and attend too many meetings, but it is more than that. Here in Kentucky, in one of the toughest regions in which to address the climate crisis, we are finding solutions. We want to tell our story, warts and all.

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