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To us, it‰Ûªs paramount to offer products grown in a sustainable and organic way, and we believe that hemp has many interesting therapeutic properties.

In order not to distort or divert its use, we advocate consumption without combustion. Indeed, the inhalation of smoke ‰ÛÒ whatever its origin ‰ÛÒ is harmful and therefore, we can only recommend the use by infusion or ingestion. These gentle administration methods allow:

Preserve the original taste qualities of the product
Preserve your health and the health of those around you
Enjoy the potential benefits of the plant without its disadvantages
Hemp and some of its active ingredients such as CBD could also help relieve joint pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, memory disorders (Alzheimer) or muscle disorders to name just a few common pathologies.

As you will have understood, we clearly position ourselves for a medicinal use and a dedicatedabolization of hemp in its therapeutic form, namely with the lowest possible THC levels and high CBD levels.

Although we are not authorized to make medical recommendations on the use of hemp for therapeutic purposes, the many testimonials and experiences of clients can only support our comments. Most report benefits and partial ‰ÛÒ if not total ‰ÛÒ relief of symptoms that conventional medications are unable to alleviate.

With this in mind, we continue our journey with you towards a future where natural well-being is a right for all and not a privilege reserved for a few.

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