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Our mission is your happiness. We want to bring a touch of paradise and relaxation into your everyday life with our fun sweet tasting CBD Edibles.

Enjoy the mouthwatering fruity flavors and Feel Good once the effect kicks in.

Experience the wave of positive emotions and beat everyday stress without intoxicating your body.

The effects are mild but just enough for you to spend your day with a relaxed mind and joyful spirit.

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  1. DO NOT BUT THESE! I ordered a bottle of 300mg bear gummies. Took over a month to arrive. They sent me 6 bottles(3x600mg & 3x300mg) for my “inconvenience”. They are just plain sugar coated gummies in our opinion. No CBD effect at all.

    I have been using CBD for over 6 years, and these are by far the weakest CBD edibles I have ever taken . A 4 piece CBD gummy pack at my local vape shop cost $10. I can’t eat more than 3 without feeling woozie. 3 of us each ate 6 of the 600mg gummies and didn’t feel a thing . These are snake oil/placebo. I honestly feel like these are just melatonin gummy”s. Total scam.

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