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Elixinol are an industry leading brand operating within both the US & EU. The overall quality of their products are outstanding & at competitive prices. Their website is extremely easy to navigate & customers can receive free shipping on orders over $75. Their tinctures taste terrific and they have a great assortment of gummies; however their ranges are a little refined, offering limited products. Although, the products they do offer are of exceptional quality, alongside include a generous 30-day money back ‘satisfaction guarantee’. This means that any customer who remains unsatisfied with their purchase are eligible for a full refund upon return. Elixinol clearly have a commitment to customer care, transparency and top quality CBD.

Take your pick from capsules, gummies, oils & topicals, all with published third-party lab reports and raving reviews. Their team state that they have always been commited to hemp & helping the world discover the healing properties locked inside its “humble flowers”. As it stands, their team contains research scientists, veterinarians and even medical doctors; resulting in a collective team with unrivalled knowledge of the endocannabinoid system. We wholeheartedly recommend this brand, however feel free to learn more in our complete Elixinol review for 2021.

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CBD Oils, Capsules, Oral Applicators, Topicals, Pet Products

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