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The AVIDA CBD company was created with the goal of providing only top-quality products to their customers. They are passionate about taking care of people and want them to live a healthier lifestyle, which is why they put so much time into developing safe and effective products that taste good too. The founders know what it means for someone to find relief from pain or anxiety and offer a number of products to treat an array of ailments.


Avida Extracts Full Spectrum is the latest iteration of advanced “CORE technology”. With the widest cannabinoid profile of any product, you’re guaranteed a blend of naturally occurring Phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes with low Delta-9 THC (< 0.3%). These compounds interact synergistically to create an “entourage effect” for natural experience.


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The process starts at the cultivation level. Their soil is cleared for heavy metals and contaminants to ensure they produce optimal raw materials, as well as test each harvest for pesticides, moulds and mildew that might have snuck in during a previous step of production.


After this rigorous process, their raw materials then go through “winterization” with Core extraction processes. These processes remove THC from the extractions, creating a safe pharmaceutical-grade products designed specifically by their team!



Their range contains a number of exciting options, from vapes and oils to gummies, pods and topicals. Check out their range now, or find out more about this company. All of their lab results are published by third-parties and readily available on their websites.


As it stands, Avida CBD currently do not offer any low income, military or disabled discount schemes. Regarding returns, they maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee for returns within 30 days; however this does not extend to partners or affiliates. We recommend buying directly from the Avida CBD website here. Alternatively, return to our complete list of CBD companies.

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CBD Oils, CBD Tinctures, Capsules, Edibles, Topicals, Vape Products

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Does Avida CBD offer a money-back guarantee?​

30-days "satisfaction guarantee"

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Does Avida CBD offer a military / veteran discount?​


Does Avida CBD offer a long-term disability discount?​​


Does Avida CBD offer a low-income discount?​​


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